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Posted on October 31, 2022 by Membership Space
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Email marketing is one of the best ways to build a targeted audience, engage with them, and increase brand awareness.  Club websites make it abundantly clear that when email marketing is done right, it can help your association generate money online.  However, when email marketing is botched, it can be downright expensive and potentially ruin your association.  With that in mind, consider the two mistakes you might make when utilizing email marketing.
Sending Untargeted Emails
From time to time, you need to send emails to market and promote a startup, open a business, or conduct sales in your association.  As tempting as it may be to send out emails to every contact you think of, it may not be the height of good practice.
In fact, sending out too many emails can make all the difference between a fruitful campaign and one that falls flat.  As revealed on club websites, when you call someone’s attention by sending them an email they didn’t ask for, they are more likely to unsubscribe without reading your message as they feel tricked into opening it.
Spam Flags In Emails
It is tempting to include known spam flags in emails sent from the marketing department since you want your campaign to get past spam filters with the least amount of trouble.  Nonetheless, this is a mistake because it does not work and it tells users who have high security turned on that your email shouldn’t be trusted.  The reason these known spam flags do not work is that they come from an unreliable sender.
In fact, having these flags in your emails means you are more likely to attract spam.  You can easily avoid the above email marketing mistakes by ensuring your brand’s emails are personalized and focused on engaging your audience.  These tips will help you build an excellent email marketing campaign that avoids costly mistakes, resulting in better conversion rates for your association!
Posted on October 25, 2022 by Membership Space
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New technology and methods are constantly being established to keep up with the demand of an increasingly fast-paced society.  When you have a group of people that work together, it’s crucial to come up with a way of using membership management software to make sure these changes don’t affect everyone in your group.  For people who enjoy and need changes to stay as members of your association, these valuable tips ensure you’re not losing out on potential members in the future.
Personalize Your Welcome Greeting
Emphasize building relationships with members by making them feel welcome when they visit your website.  Make sure you are accommodating and convey sincerity as soon as a prospective member arrives.  Set up a system that ensures your members will be greeted in a way they will never forget.  This can create the kind of friendly ambiance where potential members want to return to again and again.
Acknowledge Their Preferences
Members want to feel acknowledged, not just by offering them a package or service but by taking the time to ask what are their likes, needs, and desires.  Be proactive in your approach as it will go a long way in creating a sense of comfort and familiarity with your members.  In essence, cultivate the kind of relationship where customer service is not just mere words but actionable ones as well!
Reward Your Members’ Loyalty
Similar to the way you invest in your association’s reputation and profitability, you should also invest in your members’ loyalty.  It is said that by rewarding your members for their loyalty, you strengthen the bond between you and them.  Start by rewarding them for their loyalty whenever there is a promotion or sale on a product or service.
You can use membership management software to track their engagement and invite them to be exclusive members.  This shows that you trust them enough to give special offers such as discounts in exchange for loyalty.  The key to forging permanent members is to create such a strong sense of belonging that members think your association is their best option.
Posted on October 19, 2022 by Membership Space
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Marketing automation is a proven and powerful tool for marketing teams to gain greater visibility and control over their efforts.  The same could be said about the impact that membership websites have on organizations since anyone that goes online can discover and learn more about the benefits of becoming a member.
Organizations that use marketing automation realize that it helps by streamlining tedious tasks, delivering content personalized to a member’s needs, and automating the follow-up process with email marketing.  Here are 3 techniques to get the most out of marketing automation.
Leverage Your Database
In today’s world, database tools are a significant way marketers can reach key targets while spending little to no money.  You can start by identifying what data you have available within your current database and understanding how it can be leveraged by utilizing marketing automation.  With this knowledge, marketers should be able to drive higher sales, profits, conversions, and ROI from their online presence by taking advantage of their current data.
Set Up A Strategy
Good marketing automation starts with defining business objectives, target audiences, and goals.  Once that’s completed, those aims determine which message will be most effective and relevant.  Any marketing strategy needs an overall assessment before being implemented, where it must consider all customer types.
Since marketing automation is complex, it is better to start out small so you can establish whether or not your association needs this type of service.  Begin with automating one specific task, such as email campaigns.  From there, you can expand its scope and incorporate it into other areas.
Utilize Every Single Feature
Marketing automation gives you a way to understand what your customers need by tracking their interactions and converting them into data that shows exactly where there might be a gap in communication.  That is especially helpful in knowing what members want from your association.
For instance, on membership websites, you can use data analysis tools to find out which message formats are getting more engagement than others.  By looking at your past conversations, you can improve your next campaign by creating more engaging message templates in the future!  Creating a strategy and leveraging your database are some of the best time-saving techniques to get the most out of marketing automation.
Posted on October 17, 2022 by Membership Space
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You might be burnt out if you try to figure out why you are constantly tired and overwhelmed, lacking motivation you once had while working.  Club websites open this topic up for discussion as it is not an imaginary illness but rather an accumulation of physical, mental, spiritual, and social strain that can lead to crashing entirely.  Read on for more information on what causes burnout and how to avoid it.
Lack Of Time For Family & Friends
Being overworked is one thing, but the guilt that comes from feeling guilty about being away from those you love probably plays a role too.  In most cases, you might be busy with work to the point that you reduce the time you make to be with your family members and friends.
According to club websites, you need to figure out how to make your work schedule more practical, then you can prioritize your relationships.  Therefore, you should ensure you have time for your family and friends by having more flexibility with your schedule.  This way, you never feel guilty about the amount of time you spend with them, and family will be your priority.
Make Time For Hobbies & Personal Interests
Sometimes you might find yourself too busy working that you never set aside enough time for hobbies or personal interests.  When you neglect doing the things that make you happy, it can cause your happiness to decline.  As a result, you won’t have enough energy or motivation to do the things that make your life more fun and fulfilling.  To overcome such burnout, always set aside at least one day a week where you focus on yourself.
Exercise & Proper Nutrition Play A Role
You need to make healthy choices with regard to food and exercise if you want to be the healthiest version of yourself.  When you abandon this, many people start feeling run down and stressed out.  Most people often find exercise and nutrition less important than getting more work done.  To overcome such burnout, one should set aside an hour a day to eat right and exercise regularly.
When burnout affects you, feelings of frustration and exhaustion will be a part of your day-to-day life.  You might not be able to concentrate on work, and it can feel like no matter how hard you try, your efforts are not enough.  When burnout affects you in this way, you must take time off and find ways to relax that bring you back from such an experience.
Posted on October 13, 2022 by Membership Space
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Managers of associations know the difficulties associated with managing a variety of daily activities.  There are many reasons for this as each person has their own needs and goals.  It’s not just about the styling, the job can often be quite tricky for someone that doesn’t have any experience in this area and needs to use membership management software on a regular basis.  The following advice explains how to visualize what your community can do for your association.
Set Goals For The Community
Most people that join the community hope to become more skilled or knowledgeable by relying on their own efforts and community support.  Start by setting internal and external goals as that will enable you to visualize what your community can do for the association.
The association should provide a platform for everyone to learn about how it functions, invests, and supports its members.  Through that, members can become more involved in their community by volunteering, attending meetings, or voting on resolutions at membership meetings.  In return, they gain valuable experience that will increase their chances of securing employment in a field they are interested in.
Figure Out Your Concept
One of the most critical tasks in creating a successful association is figuring out your concept.  By creating an idea of what your community could do for the association, you gain clarity on how to create your visual concept on paper and apply it.  Through membership management software, you can track what members respond to and use that to generate ideas on what your community can do for the association.
An example of a concept to use might include creating a volunteer team that cleans up parks and other public areas after large events.  Conduct a survey on the membership website to gather data on what members think would be good ways for the community to represent the association.  From there, explore more of their ideas and visualize just what the community can do for the association.
Posted on October 7, 2022 by Membership Space
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Members of an association are motivated by different techniques and marketing strategies.  Membership websites help associations discover what motivates their members by trying to find what they want.  Some organizations might be concerned with the latest social media craze while others prefer to use incentives to get members more involved.  Understanding your members’ motivations allows you to assess their needs and provide them with the tools they need to succeed and align with their priorities.
Never Assume Members Have The Same Motivations
Regardless of how many members an association has, it is crucial to figure out what motivates them.  To do this, you might consider holding group discussions so you can find out what matters most to them.  Knowing what motivates your members will be vital as a leader as it helps you figure out which tactics get the results you desire and hold them accountable for their actions.
It is also possible that a few of the methods used to motivate you in the past might not work as effectively on others.  If they are unsuccessful, they can be harmful by causing frustration and resentment on membership websites.  Therefore, understanding these motivations will make it easier to figure out what kinds of rewards, feedback, and recognition work best for them.
Factors To Motivation
It can be difficult for some people to keep going when their workplace environment is less than ideal.  Many factors cause this, but the most common one is an environment where leadership lacks the necessary skills or experience to show appreciation towards their team.
If members end up in this situation, they may need to take a step back and consider their needs.  Some strategies might help them improve their attitude at work such as planning projects, getting adequate sleep, and letting go of minor issues.  Thus, an organization’s success can be primarily attributed to thinking of what works best to motivate their members.
Posted on October 5, 2022 by Membership Space
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Many people would agree that one of the most critical aspects of an organization is being about to maintain and grow a positive rapport with your members.  Club websites have indicated that the key to continued membership loyalty is getting things right from the beginning.
Successful owners understand this and go out of their way to create an engaging, trustworthy brand image.  Whether you want to earn loyal followers or retain current ones, it’s about keeping members engaged and satisfied with what you’re promising.  Here is an effective guide for retaining your members trust.
Be Transparent
If your aim is to retain their trust, they need to know you’re an honest association first.  Always set aside time so you don’t neglect telling people about yourself and your values.  When a member uses social media to learn more about your brand, be sure it’s a positive reflection of the association and where you stand on various issues.
Once members can connect with what drives your organization, they will be more likely to find value in what you offer them and stay.  Furthermore, use club websites to ensure members get a brief glimpse of the inner workings of your association, including office settings and staff members.
Pay Attention To Their Reactions
The trust of your members is earned so you need to pay attention to the digital cross-references that build and shape your reputation, inside and out.  That means looking for cues about how people react then crafting thoughtful responses online.  With this strategy, you gain support regardless of differences in the workplace or around the community.
Make Yourself Available
If people want to get in touch with your organization, you should have the appropriate means to do so without any hassle or delays.  The manager must provide clear contact information for those who wish to reach out with questions or comments about your association.  Trust is a major factor in any relationship; by focusing on transparency and a consistent level of engagement, you can be sure you retain your members trust!
Posted on October 3, 2022 by Membership Space
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It is no secret that we live in a rapidly changing digital age.  As the world becomes more technologically savvy, the stakes for businesses to keep up with how their customers interact and shop online are higher than ever.  Fortunately, through membership management software, any association can take steps to ensure they are optimizing their operations and customer experience for the future.  An easy way to start is by upgrading your association’s tech tools!
Several Unintegrated Tools
Your association should upgrade its tech tools if you discover that many of the tools are similar to one another.  First, it indicates that maybe you have an outdated computer and it is better for your productivity.  It is very frustrating when you have more than one piece of digital hardware and software that doesn’t work together.  That means a manual installation or configuration with each one is necessary in order for them to communicate.
Your Staff Wastes A Great Deal Of Time
If your staff is spending hours doing or performing tasks that could be done more efficiently with a different tech tool, then it is probably time to upgrade your technology tools.  For instance, due to membership management software, your staff may be required to stay late and come in on their day off.  Also, some of your staff could be spending a lot of time looking for solutions online and troubleshooting what they find instead of doing the job properly.
Struggling To Save Money
Many associations use data management systems with low cost effectiveness regarding data storage and retrieval, which means they may be wasting a lot of money by not upgrading their tech tools.  It could also indicate organizational challenges like inconsistent processes, lack of automation, or inefficient expenses.  That is a clear red flag, and to take full advantage of your data management system, consistency and alignment with how you do business must be considered.
If you have been a member of an association for a while, it may be time to consider upgrading your membership.  This makes it possible for you to keep track of your budget in a more accurate way and save money, instead of guessing.  A tech tool upgrade can be challenging which is why most associations just offer the basic tools.
Posted on September 27, 2022 by Membership Space
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Every association should know their retention rate is a key metric in evaluating the success of their membership.  However, if you haven’t been tracking your retention rate on membership websites yet, now is the time to take action!  Tracking your retention rate allows you to see how well your current strategies are working and what changes need to be made to get the most out of your efforts.  These measures will help an association easily calculate their member retention rates.
Determine Your Current Members & New Members
The first step in calculating your member retention rate is to determine the members you have now, or how many members you have at the conclusion of your test.  When doing the calculation, we will refer to this as current members.
The next step is to determine how many people have become part of your organization during the time you started keeping track.  These will be identified as new members on membership websites.
Members In The Beginning
In order to calculate your member retention rate, you need to know how many members you had in the beginning prior to any members signing up.  This number will be used at the end of the equation to divide the difference of current members and new members.  Some opt out so that needs to be accounted for when figuring how many current members an association has at a given time.
Retention Rate Sample
To calculate your retention rate, take the current members you have and add the new members that signed up, minus the ones that opted out.  For instance, if you have 200 members in the beginning and 30 signed up, but 12 opted out.  It would be 200 + 30 – 12 = 218.  Now, take 218 minus the new members (30) which equals 188.  Lastly, divide 188 by 200, and multiply by 100.  So, 188/200 x 100 = 94%.
One of the most critical aspects of an organization is the retention rate of members.  Some organizations struggle with this metric and it can be easily measured.  However, calculating your rate can be difficult without basic knowledge of how it works and what you should do moving forward.
Posted on September 21, 2022 by Membership Space
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The association industry is growing at a rapid rate as the number of associations around the world are creating many new opportunities.  Club websites indicate that most organizations are interested in adopting modern tools and strategies for their operations so they withstand changing times.
As a result, competition will increase for associations to get new members and retain current members.  In order to overcome that, associations should make sure they offer these benefits to members in the future.
An Online Community For Members
One challenge for associations is how to keep members involved and engaged throughout the changing landscape of technology.  Many associations have taken note of this and created specific online community platforms where members can connect to discuss topics, share ideas, or learn about upcoming events.  Therefore, with a vibrant online community, members can interact daily with each other and the organization.
Flexible Online Courses
Most associations have announced plans for new programs to help members access the latest educational options and certifications.  According to club websites, an association that works with providers specializing in online learning can develop a customized course that educates members about emerging trends, technology, and valuable skills.
This is good news for members as they are able to keep up with the changing needs of the industry through their association.  By providing members with the ability to gain access to flexible online learning and certifications, it could be the difference in them choosing your association.
Mentoring Programs
There are a variety of mentoring programs, from informal interactions between a mentor and a member, to formalized presentation opportunities, or even a more robust training with a clear career path.  Members that want to know more can ask which program would be best for them to improve their skills.
Associations are working hard to stay relevant and many of them are increasing their online presence in one way or another.  Some associations have been growing their online presence by creating a members-only community.  In the future, associations should consider what benefits members the most and strive to offer that.
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