Who We Are

Expertise Matters | 5,000+ Clients | 20+ Years

We have been developing websites since 2001. We are privately held, profitable and debt free. Based in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, we are a website development firm serving clients in a variety of industries.

We launched our Membership Space product in 2015 as a response to organizations approaching us requesting a website solution, even though we were not offering specialized organization website services at that time. Some of these organization had an existing website nobody knew how to maintain and others were looking for a new website to help reduce their administrative costs. After our 8th organization website went live it became evident we were being approached because of word-of-mouth and the current organizations market had needs that were not being met. We knew we were already in a great position to fill this niche with our creative website designs, hands-on service and great features. The result was the birth of Membership Space.

Because our focus has always been creating custom websites for our clients we continue this philosophy with Membership Space. We do not create cookie cutter websites that restrict functionality or creativity. Instead, each website is created based on client specifications ensuring they are flexible and useful for each client. We took this concept to the next level with our design inspiration websites. These help our clients decide the best direction for their website by giving them options (inspiration) for a design that best fits their organization. 

Our Team

Through experience with organizations we know the importance of a usable and informative website for members. We also realize board members feel best served by a real person who personally manages their website. This is why we provide a personal web designer who both understands the functional needs of organizations and who is skilled in the technical aspects of creating and maintaining their website. If there's something you don't understand or need help with, we're happy to take care of it or explain it to you.

Network and Datacenter

Our attention to detail is found in more than just our Membership Space websites. We selected one of North America's greatest datacenters, located in Virginia, to house our high-powered servers. They provide the secure, stable, and blisteringly fast environment required to meet our hosting needs.

If you aren't familiar with datacenters they are designed to house thousands of web servers and connect them to the backbone of the internet. There are two factors that make datacenters so important. First, they are constructed to ensure computer hardware is secure and operating. They accomplish this with many levels of redundancy and integrated protection from natural and man-made threats. This includes battery backups, diesel generators, fire suppression, cooling systems, internal water/air air supply and multiple high speed connections to the internet. Second, is their onsite 24/7/365 dedicated security force and technical teams that proactively monitor the servers and network. It's safe to say they know what they're doing.

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