Easy Setup Process

Personal Web Designer Included

We take a lot of pride in the personal attention we put into your website. We do not use special software scripts that leave you to put your website together on your own. Instead, you are assigned a personal web designer who will not only show you a creative website design for your organization but will also ensure your website is practical, useful and visitor focused.

How Long The Process Takes

  • To avoid confusion and unnecessary work, we have developed a step-by-step process our clients follow for setting up their website. By being non-technical and easy to follow, this process is intended for people who know nothing about setting up a website.
  • It is up to each of our clients how quickly they accomplish each step in our process. We have had clients go live with their website in a day while other clients have spread the process out over several months.
  • We think you will find that the design process moves quickly and is straight forward. But, do not take our word for it. Read the comments our clients have posted to our website based on their own experiences here.

The Website Design Process

  • When you are ready to get started with your website project, click here to signup. If you have questions prior to deciding to sign up, please contact us.
  • You are assigned a personal web designer who will work with you to develop your website. Your web designer will email you the contract and invoice. The contract can either be faxed or emailed back to your web designer. Payments can be made by mailing a check or paying online with a credit card.
  • Once the above two items are accomplished, your web designer will email you the next set of instructions which involves your domain name and the design for your website.
  • Once you have made your domain name and design selections your website is set up. You are then given access to the Admin Panel so you can start adding your content, upload your documents, add photos, etc.
  • Your web designer sends you the next set of instructions to help you decide your website's layout, pages/features, functionality options and how communication will be handled through your website.
  • Your web designer learns about any design preferences you have and makes modifications to your website's design.
  • Once you are happy with the look of your website and you have your pages set up how you would like them, you will be ready to announce your website to your members.
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