Content Creation Tools That Will Help Your Membership Succeed

Posted on December 7, 2022 by Membership Space
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Membership websites are an integral part of an online business, but they do not always come with a wealth of content.  When you look at most club websites, you will notice that quality content usually requires time, effort and creativity, as well as the addition of new skills as technology changes.  It takes dedication and invaluable content creation tools to set up a membership website for success.  Here is an overview of some content creation tools that will help your membership succeed.
User-Generated Content
User-generated content (UGC) is a marketing tactic that allows associations to engage their members through content created by members themselves.  When you analyze most club websites, you realize that it includes podcasts, pictures, videos, reviews, and blog posts.
This type of social media strategy makes it easy for members to talk about what they like and dislike about products and services, providing valuable feedback so you know where to make improvements.  While user-generated content has been used for several years by brands to collect feedback and reach a wider audience, it has become a very popular tactic with memberships.
Google Trends
Google Trends analyzes search data across varied languages and regions, then shows which search queries are becoming more popular over time.  That can be a real treasure for content creators who are interested in identifying the hottest topics to explore and write about.  Google Trends provides demographic data related to who is searching for specific products or services and what queries are trending where you live.
Content Calendar
The Strive Content Calendar is a useful way for creating and distributing content for membership websites.  In particular, this tool can be helpful in ensuring your posts are always organized, which is beneficial if you have a large association.  The tool can also assist you with scheduling new content and automatically post it.  More importantly, you can use it to publish old posts again with revisions and enhance your SEO tactics without writing fresh posts.
If you are maintaining a membership website, the content on your site is one of your most critical assets.  It helps members stay engaged and it is what drives them to remain a member.  By using these content creation tools, you increase your chances of creating high-quality content so each piece is valuable and members are more likely to renew their membership.
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