Cancellation Policies To Avoid With Your Membership At All Times

Posted on November 28, 2022 by Membership Space
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Everyone knows that cancellation policies are not always fair, especially if you’re buying a membership.  Sometimes, when you cancel a membership, you might get sent to collections or all your payments might be refunded, but other times they just drop it.  When you look on membership websites, you will discover that the worst members are those who hold onto their membership for a long time but never use it.  Here are the cancellation policies to avoid with your membership at all times.
Revoking Access Immediately
One of the policies to avoid with your membership is that access must be revoked as soon as a member cancels.  In other words, it’s unethical to instantly end a member’s access during the period they have paid for since they will remain a member until the next billing cycle.  For instance, if your billing cycle date is on the 28th and you cancel your membership on the 8th, you still have about 20 days remaining.
Preventing Members From Rejoining
It can be difficult to follow through on your plans regarding canceling memberships.  One of the main reasons that people decide not to cancel memberships is that they don’t want their members to be able to rejoin.  That’s why it’s important for your cancellation policies to clearly state whether or not a member will be able to join again after they have canceled their membership.  Doing this will ensure that you set the right precedents and stay true where others have failed.
Requiring A Notice Period
It’s immoral to demand a notice period before one cancels their membership.  Since members didn’t provide a notice before joining, they should not have to give one before leaving.  Most membership websites recommend that you should read the fine print before you sign a membership agreement.
If the association gives a specific amount of time in which you have to cancel, check if there’s a specified number of phone calls or receipts that must be given to determine whether or not you meet the requirements.  As a member, you want to find a fair cancellation policy to avoid issues later on.  The best cancellation policies provide you with easy-to-understand information about charges.
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