Great Ideas To Attract New Members After The Initial Launch Is Over

Posted on December 5, 2022 by Membership Space
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When it is time to launch your own membership website, you are likely full of anticipation on what the next few months will bring.  You have poured a lot into this and now it is finally time to see what will happen.  Membership management software makes it easier to acquire more members during and after the website launch.  Below are three great ideas to attract new members after the initial launch is over.
Get Testimonial Proof
Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that happens when people copy the actions of others in their environment.  Basically, most people will follow anything that appears to be the popular choice.  The more members who join your association, trust your product, or follow your membership on social media, the more other people will too.  Take advantage of this opportunity by showcasing testimonials from happy members and use membership management software to know what people prefer.
Ask Why They Joined
One way to keep your association going strong is by frequently asking your members why they joined in the first place, what they like, and what they don’t like.  This helps you understand if changes need to be made or if more members are needed in order for the association to work properly.  Leave everything open for discussion with your members, whether it be a poll or in a forum.  If there are issues, then you need to be aware of them so you can make improvements for the future.
Learn Why Some Did Not Join
There are many reasons why a particular launch may not be as successful as expected, and finding out why is key in order to determine what needs to be done for the association to have better results going forward.  You could conduct a survey for your target audience to answer what made them join your membership.  That way, you can easily see where there may be gaps in your marketing strategy so you will know the issues you should concentrate on.
When starting a new membership, the major hurdle is getting the first few members.  As a result, most start-ups focus on launching early and getting initial users on board.  However, after that point, they should shift their efforts and consider how they can actively attract new members who want to join as soon as possible!
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