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Today, many membership websites are available that offer people an opportunity to boost their knowledge and network with others who have similar interests.  The decision to choose which one benefits you the most is generally a matter of which website has the best software and if the members share helpful ideas.  How do you choose which membership website is right for you?
Make An Informed Decision
A variety of membership websites are free while others charge users a fee in order for them to join.  An important factor when joining either one is to consider if fellow members pursue the same goals as you.  On a free membership website, access usually requires a user to register with an email address.
After that, a user chooses a login name and password to connect with other members where they can join discussions or enter data.  Entry level membership may be granted for free, but members are only allowed limited access.  To gain full access on some membership websites, payment may be required but higher levels of features and services are available as a result.
The easiest way to discover a website that meets your needs is to type in the particular field on a search engine followed by “membership website”.  The most established websites will be at the top of the search results and likely charge a membership fee.
What Benefits Should You Expect?
Both types of membership websites offer a variety of benefits that allow an individual to gain more knowledge.  Often, free websites have an online community for members to communicate with one another and share information.  The information may not be unique but it provides members a level of support from individuals with similar opinions.  On paid websites, expect valuable information on a consistent basis as experienced members provide detailed advice.  Before you choose, research the benefits of each one to ensure you join a quality membership website where you can gain knowledge and save time.
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Many variations exist between club websites but all of them aim to convert visitors into members.  In order for that to happen, certain methods and tactics should be implemented to convince a visitor they are making the right choice to be a member on your website.  Visitors have a specific objective in mind when they come to your page but what is essential for conversions?
Meet A Visitor’s Preferences
One factor that plays a key role in getting more members is directing targeted traffic to your website.  Club websites may have a great design but have low conversion rates if they only get traffic from sources that are untargeted.  Apply tactics that direct targeted traffic to your website so you improve the chance a visitor will sign up to be a member.
Periodically refine your methods of directing traffic you want to meet the needs of visitors and improve conversion rates.  The next step is to make your targeted traffic a valuable offer that is realistic so they are compelled to choose your website over other club websites.
If one offer gets few results, make an adjustment until you implement an offer they can’t refuse.  It should improve their life in some way whether they spend less time entering data or provide them with fast support.  What other components are essential to gain the confidence of visitors?
Test Your Website & Get Feedback
The decision to choose which offer visitors find the most beneficial may be difficult.  Often, it helps to split test pages as a minor change can greatly influence converting a visitor into a member.  Also, try implementing a simple survey for visitors and members to complete so they can submit their feedback.  If they encounter any trouble, make it possible for them to easily contact you so changes may be integrated to resolve those issues!
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The variation between membership websites usually comes down to a few key factors.  Most people join in search of information that provides value they can apply to their life and benefit in some way.  For new members, this means connecting with seasoned members that share similar goals who have experience and offer expert advice.  The combination of expert advice and superior association management software attracts new members on a steady basis.  Has software simplified your experience on the membership website?
Eliminate Unnecessary Steps
Membership websites tend to grow over time and accumulate members without improving any of the processes.  Great membership websites implement association management software that streamlines each process so a member goes through fewer steps.  By streamlining, processes and tasks in an organization are easier by employing more productive methods.
In turn, the organization is more efficient and effective at handling workflows as steps are eliminated which saves time for members.  Software that streamlines processes also improves reliability and increases the number of entries the website is able to handle.  Typically, fewer steps result in a less tedious process of entering information that allows members to handle additional workflows.
Added Benefits Of Association Management Software
Association management software benefits members whether it means customizing your profile or viewing the accounting details.  Processes are automated so invoices, payments, deposits, and products are included in necessary reports.  As a result, each entry stays in sync with the system which streamlines transactions and gives members a simplified experience.
Membership websites excel when they improve the productivity of members by freeing up time through more efficient software solutions.  Members can utilize this time to take advantage of other opportunities such as choosing privacy options in the online directory.  Often, software solving solutions provide members with a positive experience as they enjoy using the membership website despite their technical skills.
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Membership websites must offer some benefit or have an appeal in order for most people to make the choice to become a member.  One way to appeal to visitors is the way they enter data and how that data gets managed.  Often, membership management software makes the biggest difference in how members input data and the way it is maintained.  Are there ways the membership website can manage your data more efficiently?
The Key To Great Data Management
The first step for any membership website is for management to understand how members will enter their data and how they can appeal to a wider variety of members.  Consult with someone who specializes in databases as they will likely know what is required for a database to fulfill the expectations of members.
Follow the advice of a specialist to ensure the database provides value so members enjoy the way their data is managed and renews their membership.  Entering data should be consistent so everyone benefits by having data that is more accurate despite the many changing variables. 
The key to great data management is to address any problems with data entry before they happen so members always find your membership website to be user-friendly and efficient.  Also, check the database periodically for duplicates as that makes data look disorganized and unprofessional.
Managing Through Software
Members expect the data they enter to stay up-to-date and take effect in other entries if they would have an address change or a cancelation.  Membership management software makes this possible by streamlining entries in other fields to match what is current.  An important element of managing member data is to back it up on a regular basis.  Frequently, databases change and a member may request an up-to-date copy of their data which should be available at all times!
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There are a variety of features on a club website that most members expect when they become a member.  Obviously, it’s a difficult task to fulfill the expectations of all members but the club membership software should always include the best features that appeal to most members.  They want to be part of a club website that has a professional appearance yet gives them control over certain features.
What Features Will Attract Members?
Features that should be included vary depending on what type of membership website you decide to build and the kind of members you want to attract.  When members join, one feature they expect is the option to connect with other members so they have other people to share their experiences with.
Especially new members as they may want to interact with others who have more experience and seek advice from them.  Members are likely joining to find a solution to a problem or simplify their life in some way.  A successful club website does that by giving members multiple ways to engage through message boards and posting updates.
Additionally, get members involved by periodically posting a questionnaire about which features they enjoy the most and which features they would like to be improved or added.  Features can be altered through the club membership software so members are able to easily manage their account and get involved in discussions.  How can new and long-time members enjoy a better experience?
The Best Feature Of Club Websites
Accessing the club website while you’re on the go is important for all members.  Most members want to be able to manage their account and enjoy the same interface whether they use a smartphone or a tablet!  A responsive club website that incorporates custom features provides a better experience for new members while keeping long-time members happy.
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Membership websites present a challenge for most companies as the online community needs to appeal to all members.  Each member may have specific preferences but getting members to interact and return on a regular basis is the goal of membership websites.  Through there, the online community helps members engage so their questions may be answered and connections may be established.  What do most members look for in a membership website?
Content That Provides Value
It takes content that provides value in some way or another in order for a majority of visitors to become members on a website.  The easiest way to do this is to consider what members want or need an answer to and provide high quality content they find useful.  Additionally, the information should be relevant for members who have recently joined and those that have been members for years.
Aside from that, the membership website should be relatively easy to find.  After all, how great will the online community be if no one can find it?  An effective way to get traffic is to link the membership website in places where you know potential members will see it.  Places where users will go when they have questions or comments such as Facebook and the main website for the company.  When should a change be made to keep the content engaging so the community remains dynamic?
Routine Updating For Members
As more members join, the community will grow and require information to be updated so the content remains compelling and relevant over time.  Superior membership websites always take into consideration what content the user is in search of and integrates features that are highly effective.  The best approach is to implement a way to monitor when membership engagement decreases and develop a plan to get members to take action.
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The board of a membership organization needs to be made up of individuals with a variety of talents.  One of these talents is for somebody to understand accounting principles.  While a board member does not need to be an accounting expert, their knowledge is important to keep the membership organization operating with minimal financial risk.
Accounting knowledge within the organization is needed even if the organization outsources their books to an accountant.  If the accounting functions are being outsourced, it is still the board's responsibility to keep the organization financially sound by making good financial decisions.  While an external accountant can generate reports for the board to analyze, only the board members would have a strong grasp of the day-to-day operational nuances of the organization.
Membership Management Software
A tool that can help membership organizations with their accounting needs is membership management software. This software is normally website based. Therefore, members can access the software online and from any device. Being website based, there is no software to install and support can be more easily provided.
An important aspect of membership management software is its accounting capabilities. It is important for the software to automatically handle accounting tasks and financial reporting.  This reduces the expertise required of board members and saves time administering the organization's financial activities. 
Member Self Service
Another aspect of membership management software is the ability for members to view their account balance and historical financial transactions through the website. This eliminates the need for members to contact the board for accounting information.  This also reduces the accounting expertise required by board members.
If your organization needs help automating processing and simplifying your accounting workload, we can help. We specialize in membership management software.  With our functionality, members can register through the website and immediately pay online for their membership.  Invoices are automatically generated and membership renewal reminders are sent before and after the member's renewal date. Plus, when activity occurs on the website, accounting entries are automatically created and financial reports are generated. This is how our software makes financial management easy for membership organizations. 
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There are many things expected of a person who volunteers to be a board member of a club.  Overall, this covers a variety of topics from the day-to-day operations to growing the membership.  Once elected to be a board member, it is important for the person to make decisions that benefit the club.  
Managing Club Operations
Each board position will have different roles within the club and duty expectations. The person in charge of finances will need to be accountable for properly spending and tracking the club's funds. There may be long term goals that need to additional consideration in the budget.  There are also upcoming events that may require special payments from the club membership. Club membership software will help organize the club's finances and provide reporting to analyze the financial health of the club.
The president will need to have a broad knowledge of both the inner workings of the club and the insight to guide the club down a successful path.  Many times various committees and other board members play a key role in assisting the president.  Regardless of the position being held by a board member, it is important to realize that bad decisions can result in lack of participation by club members.
Focusing On Club Membership 
Keeping club members engaged can be a challenge.  This is best accomplished by keeping members informed and making their interactions with the club as easy as possible.  If these goals are successful, member satisfaction with the club will increase.  Happier members also results in happier board members.
One of the way to achieve this goal is by using Club Membership Software.  By posting news and events on a website, members can have important information at their fingertips.  Club software also provides a means to send mass emails to members and allow them to register for events online. These capabilities are big improvements for any club and show that the elected board members are working to benefit the members.
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As the end of the year approaches, board members often start to plan for the upcoming year.  These plans focus on improvements that benefit the membership and strengthening the financial health of the association.  Prioritizing these plans can be a struggle due to demands on time and money.
Often the association's membership is unaware of many of the challenges and plans of the board.  This is not necessarily due to lack of communication. These plans could be in the early stages of discussion and the specific details are too unknown to share with the members. However, it can still be a good idea to post plans under consideration on the association's website. This enables members to help develop the plan by volunteering their time and providing insight.
Deciding The Areas To Improve
While the board will have their own ideas for areas of improvement, it is a good idea to ask the members for additional ideas. This keeps the members involved in the process and may highlight some areas the board did not realize need improving.  
Asking for feedback from the membership also instills a feeling that the members are part of the association. This involvement is likely to result in more projects being accomplished and in a variety of areas.  Each membership association is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and talents. The more an association can focus this energy to help improve the association the more successful the association will be for its members.
Follow Through With Improvements
A majority of members are likely to want to help accomplish the planned improvements. But, limited time is a factor that keeps projects from moving forward. Assigning more members to a project will spread out the workload and create peer pressure. Therefore, members are more likely to follow through on their assigned tasks. 
It is also the board's responsibility to communicate these projects and the progress to the other members of the association.  Creating a projects page on the association's website will help organize this information and give the members a single place to go for the latest updates.  The website can also be used to send mass emails to the members reminding them the information is available online.  Effective tools and a clear plan will help any association accomplish their improvements.
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The board members of an association have a responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the association's members. This is an important responsibility regardless if the association is based on social activities or professional affiliation.  It is also important to keep in mind that the board members' choices also have a direct impact on all members of the association.
Association Responsibilities Come First
It is the primary responsibility of board members to do what best benefits the association.  This includes putting the association ahead of their own interests.  However, questions may arise when a board member uses their personal knowledge, expertise and business contacts.
Therefore, it is important to ensure that all decisions avoid any claim for a conflict of interest.  These claims and situations can lead to other members becoming dissatisfied with that board member and the association as a whole. Conflicts of interest are viewed more negatively when they impact the financial well being of the association.
How To Reduce Conflicts of Interest
Often these conflicts can be due to a misunderstanding or due to lack of communication. The more board members are able to communicate their decisions and the reasons for those decisions, the less likely these decisions will cause confusion. When communicating these decisions, it is important to show that other vendors were reviewed and neutral options were explored.  All board members should also be in agreement with these types of decisions.  
To make sure all members are aware of the decisions being made and the reasoning for these decisions, it is best to post the details on the association's website. This keeps all members equally informed so that there is not a concern that important information is being withheld.  

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