Use Video To Build A Deeper Connection With Members

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Membership Space
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Membership websites offer you an easy way of engaging more targeted audiences as compared to social media and other platforms.  Nonetheless, connecting with your audience can still be difficult unless you have interactive content that draws and keeps their attention.  Here, you will learn how and why video creates a deeper connection with your members.
Why Video?

Video helps you create a face to face relationship with your audience.  Community members will have a clearer idea of who you are and be able to identify you.  It’s not surprising to hear someone say your name out loud but that is hard to achieve while only using text and images.

By uploading videos, you make it easier for people to feel more at ease relating to you.  A simple welcome video might take a member from considering a one month membership to budgeting a whole year into their membership costs.

Here are a few ways to use personal videos:
  • Welcoming new members
  • Sending congratulatory messages
  • Thanking members for referrals
  • Recognizing events
Getting Started

There are a variety of software options which are free that can help you do personal videos.  Tools like Viewedlt, Wirewax, Metta, Loom, and Soapbox are easy to use and require very little technical skills to create an engaging video.  Often, they have a tutorial that guides you through the process.  Where you start is up to you but it might be better to start out simple by creating welcome videos using free video creation tools.

Once you become familiar with that, assess the results before deciding to step up to more advanced videos.  This is important as each outcome is different so find out what works for your audience.  The success of membership websites relies on many factors, but compelling videos can help get new members on board that remain loyal to your organization.
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