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Newsletters may not be as effective today as they once were since members have other alternatives that make it easier to stay informed.  Many members follow the membership website as club membership software continues to improve and provide a better experience.  Software may also help generate a newsletter that engages more members as the content in your newsletter should promote the membership website.  The following tips are a great guide towards creating a newsletter that members want to read.
Include Relevant & Actionable Information

Newsletters are often easily ignored by members if they don’t contain information that benefits them.  With club membership software, newsletters can be sent out with information that is not only relevant but actionable.  Always use a catchy subject line that attracts the attention of the member so they feel compelled to open the newsletter.
Use Links To Boost Traffic

The second tip is to include links in the newsletter that directs the reader to the membership website.  Since newsletters may contain a limited amount of information, it may be useful to include links so readers are able to enjoy more of your content on the website.  Furthermore, links can be used to guide a reader to your forum or signup page.
Use Content That Encourages Involvement

In most cases, newsletters reach active and inactive members which means they may be used to build your membership community.  Try publishing profiles of successful members in the newsletter to encourage other members to keep using your services.

If you have discounts or exclusive content for members, make sure that this is distinctly highlighted in your newsletter.  Additionally, the newsletter should be used to advertise new services or products that benefit visitors and members.  Ensure the newsletter looks professional as it is a reflection of the membership website and indicates to everyone that being a member of your website is worthwhile.
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Rewarding loyalty is often the key to gaining new members and retaining old ones.  Membership websites can get an advantage over their competition by offering rewards and incentives that other memberships fail to offer.  Small membership websites may not have the resources to roll out complex loyalty programs, but they can still deliver rewards that will appeal to their members.  Have you thought about what rewards are the most effective?
Discounts & Exclusive Access

One way to reward members for loyalty is to give discounts according to how long they have been a member.  Obviously, members who have renewed their membership for many years get a better discount than a person who just signed up to be a member.  When implementing discounts, never be too aggressive as this could lead some people to question the value of your services.

Another option that should be considered for rewarding loyalty is to give members exclusive access to services or products.  Offer them access to content, software, and eBooks before releasing it to visitors.  This will make members feel as though they are getting more value out of their membership and it encourages them to remain loyal.  What else might be beneficial for members?
Provide Value That Exceeds

Aside from offering discounts and exclusive access, contests can be easy to run and draw a lot of attention to your membership website.  Not only will it boost your brand but it helps encourage members to be more involved online.
As you strive to gain new members and keep current ones, remember that providing value is the ultimate incentive for members to stay loyal in the future.  The way you reward members for being loyal is often a major influence in how your membership association grows.  However, long-term success is only possible if you keep delivering great value!
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Almost every membership struggles with this question at some point as it is difficult to predict the future and gauge the interest of your members.  In most cases, it comes down to timing and it can be a great opportunity as you maintain traffic while generating revenue.  Have you thought about adding a subscription feature to your club websites but not quite sure when is the right time?
Assess Your Audience
There are a number of indicators that signal whether the time is ideal for paid memberships or not.  The relationship you have with your members is a major factor in deciding to introduce a paid membership option on club websites.  Use a survey to rate how pleased everyone is with the website as it can help indicate if the timing is right.
If the survey results show members are not content, then a paid membership might cause current members to leave.  A survey is just one way to assess the engagement of members so also check email opening and social media sharing.  If emails are being opened frequently and content is being shared, then it may be a great time to add a new component to your website for paid memberships.
What Will Be The ROI?
With any new venture, the amount you generate from it must meet your initial investment so a positive return on investment is the result.  Leverage yourself to be in a position to predict whether you can meet the costs associated with doing it and consider the engagement of your audience.
If there are negative signs about how engaged or loyal members may be, then it is likely not the right time to offer paid memberships.  Instead of forcing a new option, it is recommended you take more time to develop a positive ROI and choose a time where your members
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With most online membership websites, it’s usually easier to retain current members than to gain new ones.  However, many associations are losing an alarming number of members each year.  If your association has a membership retention problem, here is some advice on how to improve your retention rate.
Why Are Members Leaving?

In order to stop members from leaving, you need to understand first why they are choosing to leave.  Membership management software can be used to design exit surveys.  Add a simple survey to the opting out process, this way it uncovers why your members are leaving and leverage that to incentivize them to stay.
Some members leave associations because their employees have stopped paying for their memberships.  Others leave because they have made changes in their careers or personal lives and no longer need your services.  Very little can be done to stop such members from leaving but actions may be taken to stop the members who leave because they don’t feel valued.
Make Members Feel Valued

Members who are regularly engaged by administrators tend to feel more valued and are less likely to opt out of an association.  Despite how useful a membership is to an individual, they may choose to leave if they feel like they are taken for granted.  Through membership management software, you can make members feel valued by frequently contacting them.
Reach out to members as soon as they sign up and inform them about the benefits of their membership.  Take the time to write a customized email or make a phone call so communications feel personal, not general.  Encourage members to engage on the online community and promptly deal with any complaints.  You are much more likely to retain members when they feel valued and attended to so always strive to meet their needs.  The extra effort is often noticed by members which significantly boosts your membership retention rate.
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The key to getting people to join an association is effective communication through content.  In order to attract site visitors and convert them into members, you must make use of tools such as club membership software and implement content management techniques.  The first step is to identify the strategies that will help you create content that compels visitors to join your association.  What do most people look for when they visit a membership website?
Useful Information

The people that visit your website are looking to gain additional knowledge or network themselves with others that have more experience.  If you provide information that is relevant or actionable, they will most likely consider your association an authority.  Frequently, visitors are more inclined to join your association if they believe that you have proprietary knowledge on the matters that interest them.
As you seek to provide useful content, it is important to remember that a majority of visitors are not interested in reading information that is too technical.  Your content should be understood by all potential members.  Content that is excessively technical has a tendency to cause a visitor to shy away from joining your association.
Differentiate Your Association

Today, it is vital that your content portrays your association as distinct and superior in all aspects.  Show visitors how unique your association is through club membership software, webinars, and social media.  In a crowded online marketplace, standing out is an important key to success.
Readers who enjoy your content are presumably going to want more of it and you should capitalize on that desire to get them to join.  Make it an easy process for new members to sign up as a visitor may cancel if it looks like a daunting task.  Remember, a large audience leads to more prospects so distribute your content in a way that persuades people to join!
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Membership websites go through many phases as more members join and the software changes.  However, the focus should be to provide as much value to members as possible whether they just joined or have been a member for several years.  If the focus isn’t on members, it could have a negative impact on membership renewals since people will look for a website that provides a better experience.  What will keep members a focal point going forward?
Features That Put Members First

Typically, people look to membership websites to network themselves around people with similar goals and interests.  An online community is usually a common feature where members are able to interact with others.  The key benefit of this is that members build connections with other members and some of them are highly experienced so they offer valuable advice.
The online community is a feature that a number of members use at any hour to get educated on the content they want to know more about.  Another feature that membership websites need to prioritize is ensuring the website design is responsive.
You always want members to get the most up-to-date version of your website whether they use a smartphone or tablet.  Today, members use a variety of smaller devices when they are on the go to access the online community or emails.  That makes responsive design an essential feature as you never know what members might use.
Centralize Data

The last feature to focus on involves the management system with regard to members’ data.  From signing in to updating data, members want to have a centralized system so they don’t have to keep entering in the same information.  Not only does this benefit the membership in managing data but it also benefits members as it frees up time for them to connect with others.
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Membership associations face a variety of challenges once in a while that come along at inconvenient times in most cases.  During times of uncertainty, leaders need to step into the role of leading the association through those challenges.  It is absolutely essential for any leader to know how to tackle challenges as they materialize and address issues with club websites.
After all, that is why leaders are appointed to the association in the first place.  The more prepared a leader is, the better they can lead the association through trying times if they have experience and a plan in mind.  How can your association tackle challenges with confidence in the future?
Recognize Your Members

One key for leaders to be great is for them to fully understand who the members are and what they expect from the membership association.  Often, members have different preferences so discover what a majority of members want and focus on that when making decisions that affect the group.  How can the association increase their chances of satisfying members?

Periodically, a membership survey must be conducted as members change or new members join the association.  Each membership association is different, but the goal of the survey is to get criteria about your members to know them well.  Information from the survey is highly useful as leaders use it when faced with difficult challenges to inspire the association and keep members satisfied.
The Right Direction

Conclusions made from the survey typically make a huge impact on whether or not the association is going in the right direction.  When it comes to performance, club websites are not only measured during good times but also during times when they endure challenges.  Successful associations have leaders that effectively leverage their resources to gain an advantage so the association is always ready!
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Membership organizations thrive when they attract new members and keep current members renewing their memberships.  A key for renewals is to always have a membership website that offers many benefits to members through association management software.  Current members that renew their memberships year after year are a valuable component to the association.  How can you inspire members to remain loyal and renew memberships so your association flourishes?
Give Members The Best
The first tip for any association to encourage membership renewals is to always make members a top priority.  This means providing them with excellent services, advice, and support in your industry.  Focus on giving members the best value for their money.  Otherwise, they may be tempted to join some other membership community.
Secondly, deliver on any benefits that members are informed about when they join but do so in an organized way.  Not only does this show your association is a quality organization but it proves that members can count on you in the future.  In order to increase renewals, consider targeting members weeks in advance with a reminder schedule so they are well aware of the renewal date.
Another tip that convinces members to renew is when you communicate with them on a regular basis which meets or exceeds their expectations.  Identify the communication modes that your members prefer and use the association management software to gain an edge over the competition.  What strategy works best to retain members?
Develop Your Own Strategy
Not all membership associations have the same goals or the same type of members so consider that when planning your strategy.  Increase the number of members who renew by offering members some incentive to renew early or an option to automatically renew each year.  These tips ensure members know they are a priority and feel inspired to remain with your association!
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The task of retaining members when new organizations attempt to distract your targeted audience is one struggle regarding membership websites.  On occasion, competitors use membership management software or an online community with superior members that share similar viewpoints and goals.  Potential members want to be part of an online community that provides value and benefits them in the long run.  What is it about your online community that competitors will dislike the most?
Connections That Build Community
The intention behind an online community is to create a place where members can connect with one another and your organization.  Through there, they are able to share their viewpoints and learn more about your organization.  Often, members develop a connection for your association and decline offers from other associations as they have a strong preference for your brand.
Members of your online community expect to gain additional knowledge about your brand over non-members.  Inform them first about new features or services to ensure they don’t switch to a competitors association.  Longtime members are also a great resource when making decisions on what to give customers in the future.  Current members who follow your brand may offer unexpected insight what future members want.  Have you asked them what they prefer?
Communication That Leads To Loyalty
An online community is a huge advantage for associations that want to measure what features and content get the most attention or interaction.  Decide what to expand on by tracking what members engage with and adapt the membership management software to fit their needs.
Competition continues to grow today and an online community that benefits members gives your association an advantage against competitors.  Focus on providing members and prospects with a platform that makes them feel important.  It might be challenging but you can build an online community of loyal members by providing features and content that other communities don’t.
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The task of redesigning your membership website involves taking many factors into account.  The process may take a while depending on the club membership software and the layout of your current website.  Before starting a redesign, evaluate what kind of impact the redesign will have on the growth of your association and the satisfaction of members.  What should members expect through this transition and afterwards?
Successful Goals & Content
The first step is to figure out why the website needs redesigned and develop a strategy so the website successfully reaches the goals you have in mind.  Without goals, the redesign might be unsuccessful which could frustrate members and cause them to cancel their membership.  Always define goals for a website redesign so you know the extent of the changes and inform members the disruption they might experience.
Traffic comes from a variety of sources which includes organic search, social media, referrals, and people that directly type the web address in.  Often, organic searches are where most of the traffic comes from as people use Google or other search engines.  When redesigning, verify current keywords are effective and add or remove keywords to change what you rank for in search engines.
During a website redesign, many aspects of your current website will likely be transferred to your new website.  Carefully choose the content you filter out though as SEO could be negatively affected if you remove too much.  What other factor should you consider prior to a redesign venture?
Budget & Project Duration
Aside from club membership software, budget and duration are a key factor for any redesign project.  Verify the cost and allotted time to complete the project is thoroughly contemplated on by taking into account every aspect of the website.  Once the redesign process starts, make sure the project is completed or have a backup plan in place to satisfy members.

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