Why Lousy Customer Service Ceases To Exist Online

Posted on October 2, 2017 by Membership Space
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With the internet, news regarding mistakes about your organization and how issues get handled can spread rapidly.  When customer support is slow to respond, visitors and members might voice their experience on a blog or social media which can tarnish the reputation of your membership.

Even though social media is great for attracting members, it’s not the best platform for addressing problems or issues that members may have with your membership.  To avoid having that happen, consider utilizing club websites to create online communities for solving any issues in an efficient manner.  Here are a few reasons why club websites help diminish lousy customer service.
Clients Help One Another

With an online community, your work of providing solutions reduces as people connect and help one other.  For instance, if one person has an issue with a particular feature, another person that has encountered the same situation will likely share what helped them.  This sort of networking encourages all members to become more engaged and that reduces the need for customer service.
Reach Many Customers Simultaneously

Traditional client support systems such as email and phone calls only focus on helping one person at a time.  Club websites offer a place where common issues or frequently asked questions can be posted so everyone is able to view them.  As a result, you help address queries that other members may have so it eliminates the potential for an issue to develop.

Information posted online never takes a break like support teams do which means it remains accessible to members or visitors, even during holidays and weekends.  Also, it is more convenient to update a website page than it is to repeatedly have to respond to emails where the same question is being asked.  Remember, customer service can speak volumes about your organization and members expect you to respond to their needs promptly!
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