Why Do Online Mentoring Programs Attract New Members?
Posted on July 9, 2018 by Membership Space
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Acquiring new members is one of the biggest challenges that membership websites face. But, did you know that starting an online mentoring program can illustrate your association’s worth and help you gain new members quickly?  With the versatility of the internet, mentors and those who need guidance are able to connect effortlessly despite their time zone.  Here’s why online mentoring programs are great for attracting new members.
New Graduates Find Jobs

Unfortunately, formal education barely prepares graduates for practical work and they often lack the skills that employers are looking for in an employee.  This makes it difficult for graduates to secure jobs.  Online mentoring programs come in handy by connecting young professionals with experienced workers.  Aside from that, older professionals gain a sense of satisfaction in mentoring the next generation of workers.
Experienced Professionals Find More Opportunities

Studies have shown that many people in different niches are not satisfied with their work.  Even though they might be several years into their career, they’re continually seeking better career opportunities in other fields.  Your online mentoring program can be a learning platform for them, showing them what other lines of work are all about.

Membership websites should also use mentoring programs by making them accessible to everyone.  This way, they avoid industry jargon and utilize trial membership tiers so mentors on their platform are encouraged to assist those who are looking to make a career shift.
A Platform For Career Advancement

You could use an online mentoring program as a tool to help employees advance their careers with regards to salary and promotions.  Offer prospective members a chance to be connected with successful niche leaders who will suggest valuable advice, training, and recommendations for career advancement.

The best membership websites add value to their mentoring programs by incorporating learning tools like eBooks to lure potential members in.  Therefore, try an online mentoring program today and see how it improves your association.

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