What Will Boost The Success Of Your Membership Publications?
Posted on July 8, 2019 by Membership Space
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Whether they’re posted to membership websites as articles or distributed in printed form, publications offer associations an effective means to enhance the knowledge of its members and builds rapport with them.  Additionally, this is a way to generate non-dues revenue.  These are some of the reasons why a good publication strategy is important.  If your publications aren’t doing well, then it might be time to try these tips.
Involve Your Members

Have your publications continuously failed to garner the results you’ve been looking for?  Have you discovered that most of your members are not reading them?  If so, this would be a great time to ask for their feedback to know where the problem lies.  Perhaps the publications are not enticing enough or there are too many ads.  Nonetheless, you will likely receive valuable information that helps you improve.
Create Content Aligned With Your Association

In general, membership websites and associations are communities of people with particular interests.  For example, if you’re interested in tech tools, placing an advertisement about recipes in your publication would be inappropriate.  Consider creating a content strategy for your publications that is aligned with your association’s mission so you foster trust and receive positive feedback.
Use Software To Know Members’ Interest

Effective publications aren’t based on guesswork with regard to a members’ interest.  Rather, they’re generated from a proper understanding of what a target audience wants.  There are numerous tech tools used to track what choices a member makes on membership websites.  This data can be extremely helpful for your content plan so use the necessary tools to find out what your members need and create content that satisfies these needs.

Boosting the success of your membership publication is a process that relies on your content strategy.  By offering your members the resources they are interested in, you gain their attention and they will likely respond positively which helps you grow.  When you use the right tools, you learn your members’ interests more efficiently and improve overall engagement.

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