What Statistics Link Customer Satisfaction To Your Online Community?
Posted on February 15, 2018 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
Based on reliable data from reputable sources and researchers, enhancing the satisfaction of customers is the main purpose that drives organizations to set up online communities.  More often than not, firms are investing a great deal of money in software and managers for membership websites.

Even so, some business people are a little skeptical to the extent of online communities improving customer satisfaction.  Indeed, there are numerous organizations that have benefited from building flourishing communities where members network with others and get valuable information.  The following are vital statistics illustrating precisely how online communities impact customer satisfaction.
2 Out Of 3 Purchases Based On Emotion

Many people think they exercise sound judgment, but studies show that purchasing decisions are often driven by feelings.  This has been reported by various sources and research institutions tend to agree.  In most cases, how a consumer feels about a brand is directly connected to the manner in which they engage with it.

If they are highly engaged, they are more likely to make a purchase and seldom engagement typically results in fewer purchases.  With regard to engagement, nearly nothing eclipses the effectiveness of a good online community as it’s a great opportunity to show customers how much you value them.  Membership websites also allow your customers to publish posts about your products and these will be identified by prospective clients as being more authentic.
80% Receive Unique Queries

According to one source, more than 80% of community managers and brand advocates usually receive queries that customers would normally hesitate to ask directly.  If your clients have questions but there’s nobody to address them to, it could lead to a looming dissatisfaction that causes many individuals to join a different membership.  An online community provides them a convenient outlet to post trivial or sensitive queries and receive answers through email or a discussion forum.
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