What Community Tools Will Alter Customer Marketing?
Posted on November 26, 2018 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
Are you finding it difficult to achieve success in customer marketing?  If you haven’t already done so, why not take advantage of technology to have an easier and more targeted reach?  One way you can do that is to create an online community and invest in membership management software to help you run the community efficiently.  Here are a few community tools that could help you improve customer marketing.
Engagement Tools

Engagement is one of the primary reasons for having an online community and an extremely important engagement tool is the discussion board.  With this, you give customers the option to connect and notify one another about any new products or services that may be available.

Aside from that, a community introduces resource libraries where your customers can get information about your products and learn more about your organization.  A built-in calendar will provide customers with information on product releases, as well as other events related to your products or services.
Sales Tools

Typically, the end goal of having an online community is to increase sales.  Community managers are valuable with regards to that as they’re in charge of a whole variety of processes from starting discussions to giving expert advice where needed.  Beyond that, you need membership management software that incorporates analytics to know how well your marketing strategy is performing.
Tools For Issuing Rewards

With online communities, it’s usually the members who do most of the work but finding members who are dedicated to bringing in high-quality referrals is a challenging task.  One way of encouraging members to refer other people to your community is to create an advocacy program that rewards them.

For instance, you could give them a discount on products when they get a new member to sign up.  With these tools, it quickly becomes obvious that an online community is a worthwhile investment.  Even if your organization isn’t very big, you will benefit from the increased engagement among customers and it doesn't require you to be actively involved all the time!

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