What Are The Top Reasons For Members Not Renewing Their Membership?

Posted on January 3, 2019 by Membership Space
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Is your association plagued with the problem of insufficient membership renewals?  Obviously, this may be a frustrating situation but luckily most of the reasons for members not renewing their membership can be corrected according to reports.  The following are the top reasons for failure of renewal and viable strategies you can use to boost member retention.
Poor Engagement

Reliable sources indicate that as much as 32% of associations lack a strategy for boosting member engagement.  Unfortunately, engagement is one of the most influential factors for retaining members so if your association lacks that, members probably won’t see the need to renew.

Club websites are a great way to boost engagement as they offer a variety of ways to attract visitors.  With a thriving online community, members get to connect with each other, share ideas, and discuss many topics through discussion threads.  Also, try to utilize marketing automation tools to learn the interests of members on your website so you deliver relevant content that captures their attention.
Inability To Justify The Costs

In some associations, numerous members are failing to renew because they no longer see the value in it and most of them can’t justify the costs of a membership.  Your association may be offering amazing value but a simple miscommunication could lead to members changing their mind.

Value comes from knowing a member’s expectations when they join your organization, communicating the details, and giving them access to valuable information.  One of the most common needs for people joining associations is to connect and mentor, and club websites offer an effective platform for making this happen.

Members who fail to renew is not an issue you can solve quickly as it takes dedication and commitment.  Consider using tactics that trigger members to be more engaged throughout the year.  Automated renewal campaigns will also help you remind members to renew before their membership expires.
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