What Are The Responsibilities Of A Club Board Member?
Posted on August 23, 2016 by Membership Space
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There are many things expected of a person who volunteers to be a board member of a club.  Overall, this covers a variety of topics from the day-to-day operations to growing the membership.  Once elected to be a board member, it is important for the person to make decisions that benefit the club.  
Managing Club Operations
Each board position will have different roles within the club and duty expectations. The person in charge of finances will need to be accountable for properly spending and tracking the club's funds. There may be long term goals that need to additional consideration in the budget.  There are also upcoming events that may require special payments from the club membership. Club membership software will help organize the club's finances and provide reporting to analyze the financial health of the club.
The president will need to have a broad knowledge of both the inner workings of the club and the insight to guide the club down a successful path.  Many times various committees and other board members play a key role in assisting the president.  Regardless of the position being held by a board member, it is important to realize that bad decisions can result in lack of participation by club members.
Focusing On Club Membership 
Keeping club members engaged can be a challenge.  This is best accomplished by keeping members informed and making their interactions with the club as easy as possible.  If these goals are successful, member satisfaction with the club will increase.  Happier members also results in happier board members.
One of the way to achieve this goal is by using Club Membership Software.  By posting news and events on a website, members can have important information at their fingertips.  Club software also provides a means to send mass emails to members and allow them to register for events online. These capabilities are big improvements for any club and show that the elected board members are working to benefit the members.

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