The Impact Community Has On Customer Success

Posted on September 10, 2018 by Membership Space
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With online customer communities being relatively new, association leaders are sometimes skeptical about their value and what kind of impact they make.  Typically, membership websites achieve their return on investment in the long run as the idea to build customer trust and leverage that trust is a process that requires time.  Have you ever thought just how much of an impact an online community has on customer success?
Find Brand Advocates

When some customers find satisfaction in a brand they care about, they want to help other people like their friends or coworkers discover the brand.  Various online communities use game mechanics to get the willing parties competing on who will represent the brand publicly while encouraging more engagement with the products.  Take it a notch higher by offering badges and use some type of scoreboard so participants know where they rank.
Monitor Engagement Levels

Research has continuously shown that many new visitors on a brand’s website never return, and most of the people who sign up to membership websites end up becoming dormant members.  Interestingly, a lack of engagement is what causes that and an online community can often trigger the much needed engagement.

A community provides new members with the answers they need to understand particular products and establishes a personal connection between them and the brand.  Aside from reducing a falloff, a community is helpful for identifying the customers who are at risk of falling off.  For instance, when a customer records declining engagement levels, that’s a vital indicator that preventive measures should be taken.

Studies have indicated that brands with an online community and a dedicated manager have higher retention rates than those that don’t.  The goal of a community manager or significant staff member is to show association leaders that the community has a long-term ROI.  As a result, it could greatly improve the overall health of the membership in the long run.
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