The Difference It Makes When You Invite People

Posted on August 15, 2019 by Membership Space
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Increasing the number of members for membership websites is a vital objective.  This can be achieved by executing targeted campaigns to reach disengaged members and by inviting non-members to join your association.  Be sure to consider both options so you increase your chances of retaining members well into the future.  One association applied some practical automation strategies to increase their member base and the following reveals how these ways will be beneficial to your association.
Retain Disengaged Members

With the proper automation tools, this association kept track of their members, especially when monitoring the payment of membership dues as that’s a key indicator of how interested members are in the association.  They sent out a message to members who failed to pay their dues that said, “We don’t want to lose you”.  That simple message resulted in a 32% conversion rate.
Inviting Non-Members

They also segmented their non-members into two groups; those that were new and other ones that had a previous history with the association.  For new members, the campaign was a simple ‘we want you’ message and it included a few reasons why the recipient would enjoy being a part of the association.

Those with a previous history were mainly visitors that had once logged into the association’s website but never signed up for a membership.  For these, the campaign was meant to persuade the recipients to admit that they were enjoying the community and signing up for the membership would only add to that enjoyment.  It also contained a list of perks that the recipients would get to enjoy as part of becoming members.

These rules haven’t only been helpful to one association; membership websites all over the world are applying them and seeing great results.  If you want to utilize them to boost your association, the first step is to collect accurate data on your website.  Then, segment your audience and send the appropriate message to each group.
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