The Advantage Of Embracing An Offensive Mindset With Your Online Community ROI
Posted on December 24, 2018 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
The 2018 report from The Community Roundtable showed that online communities performed very well in the prior year, generating an increase in ROI of over 2,000%.  Unfortunately, many communities are using these great statistics only to defend their worth and almost totally ignoring the offensive potential.

A better plan is to take advantage of the community’s ROI to utilize an offensive mechanism as it attracts growth.  For instance, you could use the return on investment to secure resources from management for purchasing superior membership management software.  As a result, the software may be used to boost your membership and ultimately improve sales.
Understand The Value

Not only do communities achieve a good ROI; they also impact many sectors of an organization which includes sales, customer support, marketing, and communication.  It’s the duty of community managers to understand the value that an online community brings so you’re in a better position to advocate for more support.
Calculate The ROI

Nearly half of all the online communities in the U.S. forget to calculate their ROI.  If you’re part of this statistic, it’s time to change that so you can achieve more growth.  Otherwise, how are you going to assess the value of your community?  Luckily, there are many options when it comes to membership management software that can help you calculate your return on investment.
Deploy An Offensive Strategy

Once you have the numbers, ask for more resources from those in charge and explain that it takes more investing in order for the organization to see additional benefits.  Aside from the ROI, discuss other advantages such as improved customer support since it leads to loyalty which results in a higher rate of retaining members.  If you’re facing burnout because you don’t have adequate resources or time to enhance your community, try embracing an offensive mindset with your ROI!
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