Tactics That Keep Visitors Returning To Your Membership Website
Posted on July 30, 2018 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
Maybe you have already figured out the most effective way to drive traffic to your website.  That is an amazing achievement but what can you do to ensure those visitors keep coming back?  Often, this is the part that baffles some marketers and owners of club websites.

According to statistics, most people don’t take significant action like signing up to an email list or making a purchase on their first visit to a website.  It usually takes several visits and if you want to increase memberships, you should use certain tactics for visitors to return.  Here are a few suggestions on how you can make that happen.
An Email List

When people join your email list, you have a way of contacting them so make sure you send out valuable content that shows the benefits of subscribing to your membership website.  The secret to getting people to sign up is to offer an incentive that’s relevant to them.  An e-book works but you should also try other options that are more enticing like a free course or a unique video.
Membership Reminders

The MemberPress plug-in helps you send automated emails to both existing and potential members.  Perhaps there are existing members whose membership is about to expire.  This automation platform sends them a reminder for renewing their membership.

Based on studies, many online buyers are abandoning the purchase process for a variety of reasons.  If a new or existing member enters their email address but doesn’t complete the process, the plug-in sends them a reminder to continue with the sign-up.

Aside from those tactics, website designers are using social media as a major tool for sending traffic back to club websites.  When you make it easy for visitors to follow you on social networks, there’s a higher possibility they will see value in what you post there and keep returning to your website.
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