Outside Factors To Consider That Influence Your Email Engagement
Posted on January 28, 2022 by Membership Space
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When it comes to managing an association, club websites most likely rely on an open tracking pixel to determine whether the audience has chosen to open or ignore the content at the center of your email marketing campaign.  Therefore, like most marketers, you might be wondering why your email marketing campaign has failed to attain the traction and engagement you expected.

Resist the urge to blame yourself or someone in your association.  Many email marketing campaigns fail, not because they are flawed but because they have fallen prey to external factors that marketers failed to foresee.
The Dilemma Of Consent
Tools such as open tracking pixels have become the subject of numerous legal debates citing that corporations have to respect the privacy of their consumers.  Rumors about emails that can spy on individuals have become so widespread that some governments have enacted laws.  They require associations to seek the consent of their audience before they email content that features tools that can collect information about them without their knowledge.
The Challenge Of Size Limitations
Various email providers have mechanisms in place that clip messages which exceed a specific size or length.  As a result, certain mail providers in question may inadvertently prevent the recipient from downloading the tracking pixel in an effort to meet size requirements.  This is a development that will keep the recipient from making an appearance in the marketer’s open metrics.  Some have resolved this issue by placing the tracking pixel at the top.
The Threat Of Spam
Cybercriminals have become significantly worse during these times, using the pandemic to swindle and defraud those who never expected it.  Since spam appliances have started applying heavier scrutiny to incoming emails, some of their activities tend to mimic human interaction.

Their presence my trick your system into believing more people are opening emails when that is far from the truth.  Such an inflated picture of the engagement rate is dangerous as it may encourage marketers to dedicate more resources to campaigns for club websites.

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