Membership Trends To Be On The Lookout For In 2017

Posted on February 24, 2017 by Membership Space
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Trends with membership organizations are continuously changing and this year is no different.  Technology brings about many changes whether it involves marketing automation or software improvements that lead to a better experience for members.  Users that join club websites or already belong to one can expect current features to improve and new features to be implemented.  What expectations should your members have for the rest of the year?
Projections For 2017
Most members have a short tolerance for club websites that are slow to load.  Advancements in membership management software and faster internet speeds will likely ensure their experience is top priority.  With a greater focus on members, one prediction is that membership organizations implement a superior website design to make a lasting first impression.
For 2017, one trend is for a website design to include easy to use features that provide immediate value so members’ expectations are consistently met.  Another area in membership organizations where enhancements are predicted to take place is how members are able to view data.  At times, data might be difficult to understand when viewing it in tables.
Through graphs and infographics, members get a visualization of the data which makes the information more user-friendly.  As a result, members get a clearer understanding of data and the advantages associated with transforming data into visual forms.  What trend should every association make a priority this year to engage more members?
Acknowledge Everyone
An obvious prediction for membership organizations is to connect with all current and prospective members but do it in a personalized way.  People have different preferences so reach out to them as an individual by using data collected through the online community.  In 2017, provide members with customized content as it is vital towards keeping them engaged and gaining their loyalty in your association.
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