Marketing Issues & Solutions That Impact The Future Of Your Community
Posted on March 14, 2019 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
For associations, marketing is not an easy task; it requires careful planning, execution, and persistence even during the most challenging times.  However, when it is done efficiently, marketing can produce exceptional results that overshadow the hardships involved.  When it comes to marketing, there are 3 issues that you’re constantly dealing with that affect the success of your association.  Here’s how you can address them to ensure your community has a bright future.
Keeping Up With Trends

The online community industry is continuously changing, and surviving will be a problem unless you adapt appropriately.  One way to overcome this is to always observe the latest trends.  Check technical blogs that are related to club websites, as well as follow the industry leaders on social media.

Not all trends are useful or worth following since most of them end up being hype.  The secret to identifying which ones might be hype is to study the benefits against the costs.  Also, join online forums for community managers to get advice from other professionals in your niche.
Evaluating Success & Growing Engagement

With membership associations, the top priority should be to keep the community growing each year.  To achieve that, you have to prove to your association that the online community is providing real benefits such as increased sales.  Through marketing automation and reporting tools, you can study your members and analyze customer engagement rates.
Content Marketing

A great way to help new members understand what you offer is to have how-to videos.  Video is also an effective means of sharing your brand’s story on club websites.  Unfortunately, the expectation of video content keeps rising and the solution is to hire a video expert to assist you in developing excellent content.  If you want to ensure your community is successful well into the future, be sure you learn and understand your audience’s interests to serve them accordingly.
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