Key Steps To Ensure An Association Maintains Community Engagement Every Year
Posted on September 15, 2022 by Membership Space
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A considerable challenge for many associations is gaining and retaining the interest of community members.  However, membership management software can help ensure consistent engagement year in and year out by tracking what is most effective at getting results.  Here are the key steps to ensure an association maintains community engagement every year.
Plan Ahead & Involve Members
One way to build up to annual conferences is to start hosting smaller events throughout the year.  These will encourage involvement, provide essential feedback, and boost the importance of membership before conferences begin.  Try to involve members in the planning of smaller events so they experience what it feels like to participate and them for other activities later on.
Tell A Story & Your Online Presence
A great way to keep your community interested is to create an ongoing narrative that they find captivating so you retain their attention.  Most members are more likely to become invested in your association and its values when they see a steady stream of activity on a regular basis.
An association should also have an easily accessible website where community members can find all the latest.  This includes information about local events and opportunities related to their interests, as well as details on upcoming conferences, volunteer opportunities, or special offers.
Reach Out To All Demographics
According to the association industry, the average member is 58 years old, with more than half of them being women.  Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects with regard to maintaining community engagement as indicated in membership management software.  The more diligent you target an audience at all stages, the more likely your association will be to maintain a positive relationship with members in the future.
As association’s annual marketing plan is a crucial part to how the association will perform going forward.  Planning for the future, having a vision, and ensuring the work is done consistently year-round are all key steps in planning for success!

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