How To Use Webinars To Engage Members & Increase Non-Dues Revenue
Posted on August 17, 2020 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
Many associations have struggled this year since events have been cancelled due to the lockdown measures.  While some associations have simply given up, others are working nonstop to gain interest from new and current members.  They also hope to elevate earnings by crafting innovative webinars designed to replace face-to-face interactions to which members have grown accustomed.  Though many people question whether or not webinars are the answer.  How can associations use them to recover from the devastation that has been brought on by the recent pandemic?

With the help of membership management software, associations from all over are turning their clubs into educational centers.  By creating webinars that are rich in content, these association have recorded a significant increase in activity among members.

Other associations can achieve similar results once they realize that people join with the expectation of gaining experience to apply to their careers.  A great way to advance most careers is to grow by adding some educational achievements.

Associations can also encourage their partners to sponsor some of their webinars.  Not only does this help an association’s partners generate engaging content for members to consume but it also enhances the revenue.  Ultimately, the key is to produce educational or valuable content rather than promotional content.

Before you start attracting new members, you should show appreciation to current members for their loyalty.  Webinars enable an association to do just that, especially if they are used to host periodic meetings that provide an avenue for understanding members on a personal level.  Identify the areas where membership management software has fallen short and use what you have learned to enhance their experience.  Often, the positive news an association generates throughout the process will attract new members.

Even though the quarantine measures of this year have made traditional networking all but impossible, there are still ways to recreate the benefits of face-to-face events by using webinars.  Some associations hold Q&A sessions for this very reason.
While physical interactions are far more effective than online engagement, the right webinars create a meaningful platform for members to network.  If you charge a small fee for these virtual events, your association’s non-dues revenue will increase!

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