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Posted on January 22, 2018 by Membership Space
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Your online community is in constant competition with social media networks and other online communities.  It’s highly likely that most of your members are on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social channels.  Unfortunately, they might be drawn more to these social media platforms than to your community.  But, there’s a way you can turn the tables and benefit from the situation.

The secret is to use membership management software that keeps track of the features that members use the most.  Display the best part of your community where your members can see their favorite social networks.  With relevant content, you’ll not only be able to draw existing members back but also attract new people to your community and keep them.

Is there an engaging discussion in your community that is popular among members?  If so, there’s a good chance that the topic will be popular on social media as well.  Employ the discussion to attract the attention of others and get them to visit your community so they can participate in the conversation.
Blog Posts

Another idea worth trying is to turn popular topics into blog posts.  This is an easy way of ensuring the content you’re sharing remains relevant and functions as an incentive for members to take part in discussions.  Consider tagging your members when sharing these posts on social media.  That encourages them to share the post which increases the possibility of getting noticed.  Aside from that, what other form of content should you use?

Videos happen to be the most engaging type of content.  Therefore, upload videos periodically to your community and display them on your social media channel.  Make sure you include links to your community with a promise that there are more videos there.  Ultimately, you want to create content with the aim of drawing attention to your community on social media.  With membership management software, you increase the effectiveness of your efforts and see long-term results!

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