Does Your Community Display Positivity Towards All Members?
Posted on April 5, 2019 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
Most online communities usually consist of members that are positive who love to give back and help others.  Love not only brings people together but it also helps everyone work collectively to accomplish big goals.  For an online community trying to forge a long-term relationship with members or customers, love can be a game changing element.  If you’re looking to inspire your community and bring members closer, here’s how to do it.
Active Listening

In order to communicate effectively with members, you need to listen to them attentively.  When you do that, it helps you understand what matters to them on an individual level and that will motivate you to respond to their needs accurately.

However, community members generally won’t tell you directly what they’re interested in so it’s up to you to find out.  You can do that by installing membership management software on the online community to monitor the items that are often searched and which discussions they participate in.
Appreciation & Acknowledgment

Have you ever been in an exchange where you’re not appreciated no matter how much you try to please the other person?  It can be quite frustrating and that’s exactly how members feel when you don’t appreciate them.  Therefore, when a member has supported your association in some way, no matter how little, make sure you acknowledge what they have done by mentioning their name or give them a discount.
Motivate Them

When you love helping a member, you celebrate their success and motivate them when their efforts are not working out.  Even though there may be a lot of members, encourage all of them to have a positive mindset and to venture into activities that will foster their professional or personal growth.  Through marketing automation and membership management software, you gain a better understanding about members as you know their interests and can leverage that to improve the community!

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