An Effective Guide For Managers To Understand Analytics
Posted on November 10, 2020 by Membership Space
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Many community managers are expected to grow their understanding of the numerous fields that pertain to their role within an organization.  Yet, they ignore analytics, the one tool which is vital towards the successful execution of their work.

Even though analytics aren’t that easy for some individuals that struggle with numbers, managers should try their best to utilize this tool.  Otherwise, their club websites are at a higher risk of falling short on the objectives they were designed to achieve.
Why Data & Analytics Are Relevant

The field of analytics is not only predictive as it enables managers to identify the potential weaknesses and strengths of their strategies.  It also highlights the steps you can take to increase engagement on club websites, an accomplishment that will ultimately grow a community.  A thorough understanding of data and analytics enables administrators to take proactive step to create and execute action plans, not to mention proving a return on investment.
Community Analytics That Matter

The two most important components of community analytics are engagement and business metrics.  While engagement metrics are concerned with the activities of the community, business metrics are intended to provide an analysis of the impact the community has had on the goals of the organization.  In order to measure engagement and business metrics, you must craft key performance indicators that determine whether your community activities are driving or hindering the goals of the association.
Measuring Your Engagement Metrics

Although business metrics are quite important, an effort to understand and utilize analytics must start with the community engagement metrics since they affect most aspects of the organization.  These metrics are supposed to be measured regularly to monitor if the community has made progress or not.  Aside from that, it would also be wise to only measure the right metrics.  Managers should know which variables can be used to determine the value of a community’s activities in relation to the organizational goals.

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