6 Tips That Inspire Members To Renew Memberships

Posted on February 7, 2017 by Membership Space
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Membership organizations thrive when they attract new members and keep current members renewing their memberships.  A key for renewals is to always have a membership website that offers many benefits to members through association management software.  Current members that renew their memberships year after year are a valuable component to the association.  How can you inspire members to remain loyal and renew memberships so your association flourishes?
Give Members The Best
The first tip for any association to encourage membership renewals is to always make members a top priority.  This means providing them with excellent services, advice, and support in your industry.  Focus on giving members the best value for their money.  Otherwise, they may be tempted to join some other membership community.
Secondly, deliver on any benefits that members are informed about when they join but do so in an organized way.  Not only does this show your association is a quality organization but it proves that members can count on you in the future.  In order to increase renewals, consider targeting members weeks in advance with a reminder schedule so they are well aware of the renewal date.
Another tip that convinces members to renew is when you communicate with them on a regular basis which meets or exceeds their expectations.  Identify the communication modes that your members prefer and use the association management software to gain an edge over the competition.  What strategy works best to retain members?
Develop Your Own Strategy
Not all membership associations have the same goals or the same type of members so consider that when planning your strategy.  Increase the number of members who renew by offering members some incentive to renew early or an option to automatically renew each year.  These tips ensure members know they are a priority and feel inspired to remain with your association!
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