6 Features to Include on Your Club Website
Posted on January 7, 2022 by Membership Space
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Many clubs have a website to provide information about their organization and promote upcoming events or activities. While these club websites may be effective in communicating basic information, they do not always offer the most engaging experience for current members and potential members alike.

It is possible to create an interactive website that goes beyond providing basic information. Here are five features your club's website should include in order to engage current members and attract new ones:

1. Events Calendar

Include a prominent events calendar on your club website. By regularly updating the events calendar, members will know what is going on at their club and when. If your site is maintained by a club administrator, this means less work for you! Make sure to include specific event information such as location, time, cost, and ticketing information, if any. It may also be helpful to include instructional information, such as whether or not an event will require reservations.

2. Interactive Discussion Board

Many online communities have forums dedicated to the discussion of topics pertinent to your club's topic of interest. These forums can provide members with a space for discussing ideas and generating new ones. Club discussions are necessary in order to capture members' interest and inspire action.

3. Photo & Video Galleries

Providing multimedia access to members is an essential part of any modern website. Photographs are a great way to document the history of your club over time, while a video can be used in much the same way as a forum for generating idea sharing and inspiration. Members will use the galleries to share pictures and videos of themselves or their pets, as well as to find inspiration for future activities.

4. Member Directory

A member directory is necessary if you want people to know who your members are and how they can contact them. This feature also lets potential new members search out club members whose interests match their own, so more members can meet each other. Include simple contact information, such as name, email address, and location of residence.

5. Personal Profile Pages

Personal profile pages are a great way for members to build their online presence. They can use the website as another means of promoting themselves, even if they are not looking to become professional or famous. They may use it to share information about themselves, promote upcoming events, or advertise services they offer. Personal profile pages also create a space where members can connect with each other on a more personal level.

6. Social Media Integration

These days, it is necessary for websites to be accessible via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This makes it easier for people to connect with the website and each other. For instance, if a member comments on an article about their club posted by another member on Facebook, all of their friends will see that comment.


Not only do these features help to develop member engagement through increased interaction, but they also serve as useful tools for membership recruitment. A website that offers the five features listed above is sure to foster a sense of community and encourage active participation by current and new members alike.

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