4 Useful Tips To Strengthen Your Automated Emails & Boost Conversions
Posted on September 19, 2018 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
Many organizations are currently using automated email campaigns with a goal to create awareness for their products and boost sales, but often this goal is not achieved.  When irrelevant, generic emails are sent, the recipient is likely to ignore them or even unsubscribe from the email list.  If you want to avoid such marketing hurdles and have an effective automated email campaign, try these tips.
Ensure Emails Are Relevant

Emails that might be useful for one member might be totally useless for another member.  For instance, a member that already registered for an event should not be sent an email informing them to register for the same event.  Therefore, segment the email list such that members only receive relevant emails.
Apply The Right Timing

An amazing feature with most membership management software is that it allows you to send emails to everyone.  However, if you can find out what time the recipients are more likely to open the email and act on the call to action, the email campaign would be much better.  Consider timing it so the email arrives after working hours but also before it gets too late.
Mobile-Optimized Emails & A Clear CTA

If your emails are not optimized for viewing on mobile devices, members who open them using a smartphone will likely have trouble reading them.  As a result, this increases the chance they will not fulfill the CTA.  Make sure your emails are suitable for both, desktop and mobile users.

One of the leading causes of email marketing failure is an unclear call to action.  Thus, tell members exactly what you need them to do so your emails are always effective.  It might be that they need to fill out a survey, register for an event, or check out a product.  Ensure it is easy for them to fulfill the call to action by using a distinct CTA button.  Finally, use tools like membership management software or web analytics to track the results!

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