4 Tips To Compose Emails That Most Members Will Read

Posted on June 17, 2019 by Membership Space
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The latest research shows that the average email open rate across all industries is less than 20%.  Most of the emails that people receive usually end up in the spam folder and never get read.  How can you get around this problem and increase the chance that your recipients read your emails?  Here are tested techniques that your association can implement right away.
Let Them Opt In

When a new member joins your association, that doesn’t mean they automatically want to receive every email you send out.  Give them the option to turn off the auto opt-in feature on your membership management software so members choose whether or not they receive any emails.
Avoid The No-Reply Emails

The fastest way for emails to go straight to the spam folder is when a no-reply address gets used.  Such addresses make recipients feel like they have no say in the matter and it typically annoys them since they can’t respond.  In contrast, sending a personalized email that allows a recipient to reply makes most of them feel important which encourages them to read and take action.
Use A Creative Subject Line

Research shows that for nearly 35% of email recipients, it is the subject line that determines whether or not the email gets opened.  In many instances, a short subject line of no more than 60 characters is what works best.  It should also tell the recipient who the email is from and what it is about.
Apply A Touch Of Humor

These days, email marketers know that nobody likes to struggle with complex industry jargon so they keep everything simple.  Unless your association is very industry-specific, you should apply a casual and simple tone.

Though, humor used in a clever way might help you create a personal touch with your audience.  Start with personalizing your emails as that causes most members to read more emails.  After that, use membership management software to study the needs of each member and send relevant emails that are full of meaningful content!
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