4 Reasons Why Most Members Never Renew Their Membership
Posted on December 6, 2020 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
Membership renewal strategies can be vital towards determining whether an organization’s financial health soars or collapses.  2020 has been a year where the competition for a consumer’s time, attention, and resources have never been stronger.  Not only are a few organizations struggling to attract new members but they keep failing to maintain their current memberships.  The reasons why most members refuse to renew their memberships are not especially surprising.
Poor Engagement

Many members never renew their membership since membership websites fail to keep them engaged.  Some organizations haven’t even bothered to design tactical plans to increase engagement.  While others have basic schemes that are more interested in flooding members with generic content rather than designing material that caters to the distinct demands of members.
Financial Constraints

Obviously, 2020 has decimated the global economy to such an extent that some people can no longer afford to be a member of membership websites.  This is the most difficult challenge to overcome because no amount of engagement can resolve a consumer’s economic woes.  The only option is to make membership of your association a priority by generating opportunities that add value to your online community.
Lack Of Value

A lot of members abandon associations when they feel that their investment has failed to produce the kind of value they had in mind.  That absence of a significant return on investment can quickly dissuade them from renewing their membership with your organization.  Miscommunication is often at the center of this issue as many associations either forget to find out what members want or fail to educate them on the perks of a membership.

Some administrators like to assign reasons to members who never renew their membership when they simply forgot to remind them.  This happens frequently, usually in organizations that don’t have strategies in place to keep their members up-to-date about the status of their membership.  You should always give your members a reason to choose your association and they will remain loyal despite any obstacles.

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