4 Member Benefits That Persuade People To Choose Your Association
Posted on July 29, 2019 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
With so many associations today, gaining new members and retaining them is becoming increasingly competitive.  Just like companies in the business world, several associations offer benefits that are similar to other associations.  If you’re going to outperform other associations and become a source of true value for your members, you have to offer unique benefits that make you stand out.  Here are a few suggestions you could implement to persuade more people to join your association.
Job Opportunities For Members Only

Nearly everyone is searching for a great job or a better one that allows them the time to do what they enjoy.  If you can partner with experts or employers in your niche and create a job board, your association will become more appealing.  When you keep the postings open to the public and make the applications available only to members, you’ll be driving potential prospects to join your association.
Online Courses & Certifications

Another way to persuade people to choose your association is to create online courses that are relevant to your industry and award certifications.  Improve what a member experiences by having the proper learning materials in different formats, including video and pdf.  In addition to that, use membership management software to manage your resources and present it to members based on their interests.
Mentoring & Industry Specific Gifts

While some members are looking to gain insight from more experienced people in their industry, others are looking to pass on their knowledge.  Membership management software can be very helpful for sorting members appropriately and helping them connect efficiently.

When you’re an expert in an industry, you obviously know a great deal about your members and their needs.  Use your knowledge to offer them benefits that are specific to their needs.  Members likely are more likely to stay and tell others about your offers when they see a return on their investment!

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