4 Health Benefits Of Volunteering For Your Association
Posted on December 13, 2018 by Membership Space
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Many associations use membership websites to ask their members to volunteer in activities.  Although some members have a natural willingness to help, others feel so bogged down with their own issues that volunteering seems impossible.  If you’re looking for a reason to provide a service without pay, these health benefits of volunteering just might persuade you.
Lower Risk Of Hypertension & Heart Disease

Volunteering reduces stress, which is one of the biggest triggers of high blood pressure and heart disease.  According to studies, interaction with other people has been known to lower stress levels.  Volunteer work gives you a chance to connect with other volunteers or the people you’re helping and it helps most stress fade away.
Reduce The Risk Of Dementia

Any adult over 60 years old is at the risk of developing dementia especially if they become lonely.  The good news is that participating in volunteer work can reduce the risk of dementia as posted by one medical journal.  This comes from the interaction with other people and the happiness that conversation can bring.
Advance Your Career

Some membership websites are related to careers, and often, the volunteer work they advertise is a great opportunity for members to learn and grow.  Perhaps you work in the medical field and your association is asking you to help treat victims of a new illness.  Not only is this a chance to advance your skills and gain additional experience, but it also helps boost the health of others.
Enrich Your Resume

Once you’ve completed the volunteer work, that may be noted on your resume and volunteering shows a potential employer that you’re responsible.  Maybe you felt like you didn’t have enough time or energy to volunteer before but now you know the benefits can make a positive impact.  If you want a happier and healthier life, be sure you seize the opportunity to volunteer for your association.

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