4 Deciding Factors That Make The Website Redesign A Success
Posted on January 10, 2017 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
The task of redesigning your membership website involves taking many factors into account.  The process may take a while depending on the club membership software and the layout of your current website.  Before starting a redesign, evaluate what kind of impact the redesign will have on the growth of your association and the satisfaction of members.  What should members expect through this transition and afterwards?
Successful Goals & Content
The first step is to figure out why the website needs redesigned and develop a strategy so the website successfully reaches the goals you have in mind.  Without goals, the redesign might be unsuccessful which could frustrate members and cause them to cancel their membership.  Always define goals for a website redesign so you know the extent of the changes and inform members the disruption they might experience.
Traffic comes from a variety of sources which includes organic search, social media, referrals, and people that directly type the web address in.  Often, organic searches are where most of the traffic comes from as people use Google or other search engines.  When redesigning, verify current keywords are effective and add or remove keywords to change what you rank for in search engines.
During a website redesign, many aspects of your current website will likely be transferred to your new website.  Carefully choose the content you filter out though as SEO could be negatively affected if you remove too much.  What other factor should you consider prior to a redesign venture?
Budget & Project Duration
Aside from club membership software, budget and duration are a key factor for any redesign project.  Verify the cost and allotted time to complete the project is thoroughly contemplated on by taking into account every aspect of the website.  Once the redesign process starts, make sure the project is completed or have a backup plan in place to satisfy members.

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