3 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Online Community In 2019
Posted on January 17, 2019 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
In 2018, many membership websites signed up new members throughout the year but struggled with retention.  In most cases, the main cause of the problem is that they focused too much on expanding the membership rather than delivering value to their members.  In 2019, learn how to grow your online community by finding out about the mistakes that communities made last year as well as how to avoid them.
Poor Engagement

The members and managers of an organization are some of the main pillars that help the community exist.  You need time from both of them but how do you expect to receive it without engagement?  Rather than waiting until the time you have a product to sell to talk to members or until resources are needed from executives, try talking to these parties regularly.  When you keep them engaged, you increase your chances of persuading them to act as you want when the time comes.
Failure To Show Value

A lot of people are still unaware about the value of membership websites.  They join an online community with certain expectations and when those expectations are not met, they quickly decide to leave.  It’s your duty to explain to your members what your community is about and demonstrate to them the benefits that are offered.
Forgetting To Adapt

Trends keep changing in many aspects and so does your community.  Some important factors that could change include community tech tools and the needs of your members.  Consider using tracking tools to identify any changes in your members’ interests so you can serve them better.

One of the biggest mistakes that membership websites make is failing to offer members real value.  In order to do that, you have to learn exactly what most members prefer and at what time while appreciating that their interests might change.

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