3 Components That Can Make Any Online Community Go Viral
Posted on March 12, 2020 by Membership Space
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Many marketing experts think people are predictable over time and they also believe a large percentage of them can be easily understood why they make certain decisions.  That might sound far-fetched to most people, especially to those that think people are simply too indecisive for anyone to predict.  However, if memberships want their club websites to go viral, they might want to change their approach.
Increase Social Capital

If you want your community to go viral, you need to give people a reason to talk about it.  Often, people will spread the word about any community that makes them feel important.  You see this with some organizations that are so exclusive they discourage their members from talking about them.

Yet, such organizations tend to grow because people are quick to brag about the benefits they enjoy as members.  Club websites should consider using the same marketing tactics as people won’t hesitate to share content that brings value to their life or makes them feel special.
Create Triggers

A lot of people only talk about associations to their friends when they are thinking of them.  This is why triggers are important because they keep your association at the forefront of member’s mind.  One example of a trigger is a catchy slogan that reminds an individual of an aspect about your association.  Try to use a trigger that immediately brings your community to the minds of your target audience.
Tell Stories

Most people don’t have the patience for lengthy press releases or detailed newsletters.  If you want to relay an important message regarding the community, tell a story.  Entertain readers with a funny conversation that happened in the community or an incident which took place at a recent event that captured the audience’s attention.  You don’t have to reach a global audience to go viral, just set realistic goals and focus on achieving recognition within your targeted audience.

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