Webmaster Services

Our user-friendly Admin Panel is designed to be a self-service portal for non-technical people. You'll be able to edit your text, upload documents and control your website's functionality through our familiar interface. If you're comfortable using programs such as email software you will find the Admin Panel very easy to use. You simply add your text in a box, click save and it's live on your website. No HTML or technical knowledge needed.

Our webmaster services are for organizations that would like additional assistance updating their website. Our time is purchased in blocks of 4 hours and used in 15 minute increments. You send us your text and documents, give us the specifics for what you would like for us to do and we will make the updates to your website. Webmaster services are also useful if you would like for us to make sure your pages and content look professional on your website. This service is not for handling User data, administering features, creating graphics nor custom work.

If you would like more info on these services, click here and tell us about your project.


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