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This tour gives you a general overview of our features. View specific details and screenshots on each feature.
Build Engagement By Connecting Members
Our member interaction features are designed to bring your members together. Profile details are shared in the directory, unwanted items find new homes in the classifieds and the message board keeps the discussion going. All designed to create a positive experience for members of your organization.
Cars | Toys | Even The Junk Drawer
Help members unload the items they no longer want. Classifieds are a great resource to help members interact with one another and get rid of their clutter.
Message Board
Keep Members Connected
Message Boards allow members to post thoughts and questions on the website for other members to respond. Many settings control how new posts are handled.
Be Organized With Categories
Categories and sub categories are used to keep similar topics together. Categories and sub categories can also be restricted to certain members.
Email Subscriptions
Members can choose to subscribe to individual categories. Automatic email notifications are then sent to the member when new posts are added.
User Friendly Posting
As with all of our features, if you can use email then it just as easy for you to add content to the website. Everybody can join the conversation.
Lost and Found
Lost & Found
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
It's normally hard to get the word out when something has been found. Now members can submit the details of the item along with photos. Administrators can approve the new items and set an automatic expiration date. Once the item's owner has been found, the member can also remove the item from the website.
Member Directory
Profile Information And Photos
We keep it flexible. Administrators choose which options are available and which profile fields can be shown. Members then choose which of their profile details are shown. Like social media, members can also upload a profile photo plus create albums to store other photos they wish to share. Finding members in the directory is easy with our search tools and families are automatically grouped together.
Member Directory
Movies | Businesses | Gadgets
Reviews are always better when given by somebody you know. Administrators are able to create categories for the topics they would like available for review. The website gathers details about the member's experience along with a star rating. All of the star ratings are then totalled to show an overall rating.
Photo Album
Share The Memories
A special feature to visually record past events. Photos can be uploaded in bulk and are automatically resized to be web friendly during the upload process. Members can also be allowed to add comments to individual photos.
Categories and Sub Categories
Unlimited albums are created to organize related photos. Members can choose from a drop down menu which album they wish to see.
Automatic Thumbnails
Each album features a smaller image, picked out of the photos in the album, to represent the album as a cover photo.
Pet Directory
Great For Pet Registrations Or Showing Off Your Best Friend
Members can submit the details of their pets along with multiple photos. The website also asks for specific details on each pet so that lost pets are more easily identified. We can even showcase all pet photos in a slideshow.
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