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Communication Brings Your Members Together
Administrators can quickly and easily share information by sending mass emails to members' inboxes and text messages to members' phones. We also make it flexible by allowing administrators to schedule the message to be automatically sent at a future date and time.
Send Mass Emails
Get Your Message To Your Members
Administrator(s) can create email friendly announcements and mass email them to members through the website. Emails are not sent from your own email account so there is no need to worry about getting blocked as a spammer nor expose your personal email account. Messages can be sent to all members, a single member or a filtered selection of members based on the information in their profile fields.
Common Email Tools
Control the layout of the message such as text color/size, tables, links, bulleted lists and images. Spelling is automatically checked as you type.
Saved Messages
The administrator can choose to save an email message for future use. Templates can also be organized into categories so they are easier to find.
Choose Email Fields
Before sending the email message, the website will show how many emails will be sent and how many of those email addresses are a duplicate.
Text Messaging
Text Messaging
Fast Notifications Right To Your Phone
Mass text messages can be sent to all or selected members. Scheduling allows for messages to be sent immediately or at a future date and time. The website also maintains a history of text messages sent, the phone number they were sent to and a status.
News Articles
Announcements At Members' Fingertips
Post the latest and most important information on the home page of your website. This keeps members in the loop for everything happening in the organization. Each article can have both a short and long version along with formatted text, links and photos.
Scheduled Display Dates
Each article can be set with its own dates for when it will be shown on the website. This helps administrators keep the most relevant articles prominently displayed on the website.
An administrator can choose for each article if members are allowed to post comments for the article. Comments are displayed along with the article for other visitors to read.
Automatically display expired articles on an archived articles page of your website. Archived articles and organized by year and month based on the date they were displayed on the website.
Upcoming Events List
Events At A Glance
If your organization does not have a lot of events, the upcoming events list is perfect for you. Events are displayed in a chronological date ordered list. This allows members to see what events are coming up with out having to click through months. Once the date passes, the event is automatically removed from the website. Event details can include formatted text, links and photos. An administrator can also allow members to submit events, which then go through an approval process.
Upcoming Events
Monthly Calendar
Unlimited Categories | Organize Events Of All Types
Have a lot of events? Display a monthly calendar style view for your events. Visitors can scroll through months to see upcoming events. Events include title, location, description, date and times. Event descriptions can be personalized with formatted text, links and photos. Members can be allowed to submit events to the calendar. Individual events can also be enabled to work with our RSVP feature.
Repeating Events
Set up events as recurring for practically any combination of scheduling logic. Exceptions can also override specific events in the series.
Create unlimited categories and subcategories to help organize and filter events. Categories can also be limited to members with certain access.
Monthly View
Event Views
Multiple views are available for displaying the calendar. Events can be shown in a list view, monthly view, mini view and added to personal calendars.
Email Accounts
Branded With Your Domain Name
Email Accounts
Keep business and personal separate with your own email addresses. Email accounts can either be forwarded to other email addresses or connected to directly with webmail or email software.
Contact Us Form
Centralize All Communication Without Revealing Email Addresses
Not everybody is able to use email links on websites. Contact forms solve this problem by enabling everybody to submit a message through the website regardless of where they are or what device they are using. The website also maintains a searchable history of all submitted messages.
Send To
Choose Recipient
Visitors choose the recipient type/category from a configurable drop down list. The message is then automatically emailed to the appropriate person or multiple people without revealing the email address(s) to the visitor.
Custom Form Fields
Customize the form to better fit your needs including custom fields, field types, layout, required fields and attachments. Automatic spam controls help protect against spam and CAPTCHA can be required on the form.
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