Easy Setup Process

Personal Project Manager Included

We have created a setup process that is intended for non-technical people and has been fine tuned by our thousands of clients. Our team at Membership Space make the setup process easy by assigning you a personal project manager. Your project manager provides information to help you make decisions about how you want your website to look and our membership management software to function. They will also make sure you understand how to use your website, walk you through anything you are needing help with, provide advice and answer questions. How great is that?

Working Through The Setup Process

  • As each task is accomplished, your project manager will review your decisions, answer questions and make sure you have a good understanding of the capabilities of the website.
  • It is up to you how quickly you complete each step in the process.
  • No technical expertise is necessary. If you are able to send an email, you are able to follow our process.
  • You can add unlimited other people as administrators to help you with the website.
  • Read comments from our clients, regarding our process and support.

Membership Space's Easy Step-By-Step Setup

  • If you are ready to get started, sign up with us today. Welcome!
  • A project manager will be assigned to help you with your membership website project.
  • The contract and invoice will be sent to you via email. Payments are accepted online or you can mail a check.
  • Next, you decide on a domain name for your website. You can use a domain name you already own or choose a new domain name. You can also transfer your domain name to us so that we manage it for you.
  • You then choose a design for your website. Your project manager will also share information that explains the pros and cons for different design styles.
  • Your project manager creates your website and gives you a login to the administration tools.
  • The new administrator guide is available which will cover terminology and some general concepts on how our functionality works.
  • You are given information about email notifications that are automatically sent when something happens on your website. You decide how you want these email notifications to be handled.
  • You are given information about choosing the pages and features that are on your website. You make your decisions along with how your links are organized on your navigation and which types of members have access to which pages on your website.
  • Now that your new membership management website has pages, you can start adding content and upload your documents. Your project manager can also make modifications to the design of your website.
  • You are given information and make a decision about the content area of your home page. This is a great area to highlight the most important topics for your membership and visitors.
  • The contact us page is where all visitors and members are sent if they wish to contact your organization. You decide the options and email addresses that are notified when a new message is submitted.
  • You send photos that you would like used at the top of your website. Your project manager creates graphics out of these photos and adds them to your website.
  • You are given information about how our membership management features work. This includes configuring the most important aspects of our membership management software so that the website has the correct options and enforces the membership rules of your organization.
  • You indicate if you would like social media icons on your website and provide links to your social media pages.
  • For the final step, let your project manager know once you are ready for the website to be live to the public.
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Since 2001, we have been helping association leaders more efficiently manage their day-to-day responsibilities and increase member satisfaction. Our membership management software automates common tasks and gives associations the tools, reporting and support they need.