Why Should An Association Automate Their Email Welcome Campaign?
Posted on February 15, 2021 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
While membership management software is vital to the success of an association, it won’t effectively serve the purpose for which it was intended unless you welcome new members to your organization.  Some people think that these strategies are only relevant when trying to retain a member.  Actually, they are crucial to the process of getting a member to join and you are expected to deploy them in your welcome campaign.
Why Welcome Campaigns Matter

Administrators are typically saddled with so many responsibilities that they ignore welcome campaigns for new members in favor of prioritizing what they perceive to be more important undertakings.  However, welcome campaigns are immensely important because they affect the rate of member retention.  They are engagement tolls that show members an association’s dedication to their cause, and their absence erodes loyalty.
The Significance Of Automating Email Campaigns

As was already noted, these are tools of engagement that reveal an organization’s interest in new members.  Not only do they create a strong first impression that encourages loyalty among new members but the automation keeps members engaged without consuming the time and resources of your staff.

The process of keeping them onboard is often a complex task that can be simplified by using membership management software.  It can generate personalized emails that will guide new members along their journey with your association in the weeks and months to come.
How Welcome Email Campaigns Work

An automated email campaign should start with a welcome email that introduces members to an organization.  Afterwards, another email could be sent that educates these new members about your association, its goals, and offerings.  Wait another week and send an email that unveils the perks of membership while also requesting feedback.

Your final email should include content that encourages new members to get involved.  One way to initiate this is by providing links to popular community threads that compel them to participate in your association’s discussions.  Even though these emails are automated, the ultimate goal is to personalize them by making sure your core themes and viewpoints are clearly communicated to new members!

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