What Will Competitors Despise About Your Online Community?
Posted on January 25, 2017 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
The task of retaining members when new organizations attempt to distract your targeted audience is one struggle regarding membership websites.  On occasion, competitors use membership management software or an online community with superior members that share similar viewpoints and goals.  Potential members want to be part of an online community that provides value and benefits them in the long run.  What is it about your online community that competitors will dislike the most?
Connections That Build Community
The intention behind an online community is to create a place where members can connect with one another and your organization.  Through there, they are able to share their viewpoints and learn more about your organization.  Often, members develop a connection for your association and decline offers from other associations as they have a strong preference for your brand.
Members of your online community expect to gain additional knowledge about your brand over non-members.  Inform them first about new features or services to ensure they don’t switch to a competitors association.  Longtime members are also a great resource when making decisions on what to give customers in the future.  Current members who follow your brand may offer unexpected insight what future members want.  Have you asked them what they prefer?
Communication That Leads To Loyalty
An online community is a huge advantage for associations that want to measure what features and content get the most attention or interaction.  Decide what to expand on by tracking what members engage with and adapt the membership management software to fit their needs.
Competition continues to grow today and an online community that benefits members gives your association an advantage against competitors.  Focus on providing members and prospects with a platform that makes them feel important.  It might be challenging but you can build an online community of loyal members by providing features and content that other communities don’t.

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