What Should You Do About Negative Feedback?
Posted on December 2, 2019 by Membership Space
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Online communities are vital to any organization that wants to engage their customers without relying on the traditional forms of communication.  Yet, many companies fail to realize that when they create online communities, they give members a platform to complain or express their negative opinion.

In fact, some organizations find this sort of verbal attack so demoralizing that they consider changing their membership management software just to have better control over their communities or disable comments.  This might seem like a great idea, but the best way to deal with negative feedback is to confront it.
Own The Conversation

Today, there are many outlets for people to share their thoughts and most of them will express their negative opinion regardless of whether you like it or not.  If they can’t make a post directly to your online community, they typically use some other platform.

Look at negative feedback within your online community as a chance to control the conversation and prove to members that you care.  First, try to respond to reasonable complaints in a timely manner.  Engage each person directly so they know that you value their opinions.  Secondly, be transparent.  Don’t be afraid to reveal mistakes that resulted in your client giving negative feedback.
React To The Noise

Rather than just listening or reading what your customer base has to say, set aside some time to react to it.  Note all of the weaknesses presented by your clients and take steps to address them.  Customers usually want tangible proof that you have taken their feedback seriously and that means taking concrete steps to bring about change.

You should frequently evaluate your membership management software to ensure it meets the needs of your organization.  When clients make their disappointments known in a professional manner, try to resolve the complaint so fewer people have negative feedback!

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