What Features Are A Necessity For Membership Websites?
Posted on May 24, 2017 by Membership Space
Categories: Membership
Membership websites go through many phases as more members join and the software changes.  However, the focus should be to provide as much value to members as possible whether they just joined or have been a member for several years.  If the focus isn’t on members, it could have a negative impact on membership renewals since people will look for a website that provides a better experience.  What will keep members a focal point going forward?
Features That Put Members First

Typically, people look to membership websites to network themselves around people with similar goals and interests.  An online community is usually a common feature where members are able to interact with others.  The key benefit of this is that members build connections with other members and some of them are highly experienced so they offer valuable advice.
The online community is a feature that a number of members use at any hour to get educated on the content they want to know more about.  Another feature that membership websites need to prioritize is ensuring the website design is responsive.
You always want members to get the most up-to-date version of your website whether they use a smartphone or tablet.  Today, members use a variety of smaller devices when they are on the go to access the online community or emails.  That makes responsive design an essential feature as you never know what members might use.
Centralize Data

The last feature to focus on involves the management system with regard to members’ data.  From signing in to updating data, members want to have a centralized system so they don’t have to keep entering in the same information.  Not only does this benefit the membership in managing data but it also benefits members as it frees up time for them to connect with others.

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