What Are The Benefits Of Online Communities?
Posted on May 21, 2019 by Membership Space
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A study conducted by a research firm showed that organizations that invest in the customer experience were able to grow their revenue by nearly 80%.  Although many organizations are still struggling to improve the customer experience, the process is as easy as refining personalization and giving customers a platform to voice their thoughts freely.  An online community is that type of platform and here are some of the benefits.
Attract A High-Quality Audience

Maybe you already have a social media account and you’re hoping that customers will use them to connect with your organization.  In most cases, that is likely misleading since many people tend to think of social media as a place to hang out.  On the other hand, club websites are viewed as platforms for special interests and those that follow you are thought of as a high-quality audience that is willing to invest in the community.
An Optimized Customer Experience

Club websites offer customers a perfect opportunity to connect with your firm and each other.  Even if they don’t get a timely response from a representative each time they post a question, they’ll get helpful responses from other members.  Your online community also gives members a way to express their opinions, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and better retention.
Reduced Support Costs

Unlike chat tools, email, and other conventional channels of support, club websites don’t need constant attention from a staff member.  Customers are in a self-sufficient place where they can help each other.  They can also browse for past solutions to problem that are similar to their own.  As a result, the reduced need for support means a decrease in expenses.

An online community is a great way to bring those that support you closer together.  When you invest in one, you give members a means of creating meaningful bonds with others and to help themselves freely.  It may not give returns immediately but it can be one of the best investments you ever make in the long run.

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