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Posted on October 11, 2016 by Membership Space
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Membership websites present a challenge for most companies as the online community needs to appeal to all members.  Each member may have specific preferences but getting members to interact and return on a regular basis is the goal of membership websites.  Through there, the online community helps members engage so their questions may be answered and connections may be established.  What do most members look for in a membership website?
Content That Provides Value
It takes content that provides value in some way or another in order for a majority of visitors to become members on a website.  The easiest way to do this is to consider what members want or need an answer to and provide high quality content they find useful.  Additionally, the information should be relevant for members who have recently joined and those that have been members for years.
Aside from that, the membership website should be relatively easy to find.  After all, how great will the online community be if no one can find it?  An effective way to get traffic is to link the membership website in places where you know potential members will see it.  Places where users will go when they have questions or comments such as Facebook and the main website for the company.  When should a change be made to keep the content engaging so the community remains dynamic?
Routine Updating For Members
As more members join, the community will grow and require information to be updated so the content remains compelling and relevant over time.  Superior membership websites always take into consideration what content the user is in search of and integrates features that are highly effective.  The best approach is to implement a way to monitor when membership engagement decreases and develop a plan to get members to take action.

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