How The User Group Is The Key To Increasing Customer Retention
Posted on May 14, 2018 by Membership Space
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Are you struggling with customer retention?  Perhaps you have tried personal outreach, loyalty programs, and other tactics but customers still leave.  In order to reverse this disheartening situation, try keeping your current customers engaged, satisfied, and driven to buy more by utilizing the user group.  A user group is a network of people that use the same products or services and it helps retain customers in a variety of ways.
Information At Any Moment

An effective user group has a high level of involvement from company experts, who address frequently asked questions and upload helpful documents such as how-to videos and product specifications.  A customer can log in at any time, type their queries in the search box, and they will be more inclined to stay if they get precise answers.

Some companies also link webinars and free courses to their user group.  These are huge opportunities for customers to understand the products better and feel more comfortable using them.  When that happens, customers tend to be pleased and that directly affects retention.

Maybe a customer is disappointed because the product they purchased didn’t solve their problem.  If you have a user group and they post about the issue on there first, it’s highly likely they will get recommendations for another product from your brand.  Often, this solves the problem and there will be no need for them to search for alternatives from other sources.
Monitor Dissatisfaction

Membership management software may be used in a way to determine why a customer is dissatisfied with any of your products.  That way, you know what areas should be improved upon or totally changed to increase customer retention.
The key to getting the most from user groups is to be actively involved.  Observe what is being posted in the discussions and answer any questions in a timely manner.  The best membership management software helps you manage your user group with regard to functions like acquisition, auto-replies, and more!

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