Helpful Tactics To Improve Personalization For Members
Posted on February 6, 2019 by Membership Space
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According to a study conducted by reputable company that specializes in scaling solutions, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with a brand that personalizes their shopping experience.  Through club websites, marketers are increasingly appreciating the importance of personalization but many of them are failing to do it correctly.  Instead of implementing effective tactics to draw more clients, they drive them away.  So, how can you improve personalization?
Integrate Data

Often, the biggest mistake that marketers make is to use outdated or inaccurate information in their attempt to offer personalized services to a member.  You could use integration tools such as marketing automation software to avoid this mistake.  With association management software and other integration tools, you’ll be able to bring your most recent member data into one place and use it so they have a better experience.
Track Behavior

Many websites and internet firms use actions from members such as what they search for to provide them with relevant suggestions.  Consider doing the same with your association since it typically increases engagement.  Today, there are numerous options for website tracking software that allows you to trail the actions of a visitor on your website.
Respect & Protect A Members’ Privacy

Prior to collecting data, inform members about it and briefly explain to them how you collect their browsing information for personalization purposes as it shows respect.  Aside from being open about your methods of personalizing, ensure their information is safe.  Some associations use club websites as a safe place for their members to connect rather than using social media since it’s not always safe on there.

Also, avoid simple errors such as spelling a members’ name incorrectly as that might quickly put them off.  Ultimately, having a strategy to provide members with a customized experience is a vital step but for the customization to be truly valuable, it needs to be accurate.

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